Yay! A threat.

It’s come it’s come. GameMaker Blog has received its first threat.

Reminds of two other mildly exciting issues in the past including the leaking of a video (Drip Drop, LEAK) and the offence that the creator of Senseless War took to my comments on another game I reviewed for MarkUp.

As threats go it was feeble. Their motive? This person believes I should get their permission before ever writing anything about them again. They actually billed this as a ‘request’, but nevertheless it was a threat.

It’s actually makes me quite proud that some people obviously think this blog has influence enough to want to challenge my comments or shut me up.

1 GameMakerBlog point to the first person to guess who the threat was from. And it wasn’t YoYoGames.

What do you think?

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  1. @Danny
    But if someone took a trademark secret from a baking company and posted it the newspaper, wouldn’t the company get pissed?

    It’s not about posting stuff that’s already public, it’s posting stuff that the owner does not want people to know. Simply having it on the public domain is quite obviously not the owner’s intentions, but of course Phil ignored it anyway.

    That post was not a review. It was revenge. A review is: “This cake tastes bad”. “This cake is made of hairballs” is not a review. That’s deliberately posting some negative comment (that cannot be changed) for the sake of getting someone out of business. Leif’s comemnt about “making the product better” does not apply here simply because it’s not a product we’re talking about here.

    This blog is analogous to people editing their own opinions into Wikipedia.

    Have you guys ever heard the story about Oprah and the Texan farmers? Quote from BBC News:
    Oprah’s legal nightmare ends

    A judge has finally ended the last remnants of legal action by Texan farmers angry about Oprah Winfrey’s comments on BSE.

    The legal action was taken under the US state’s “veggie libel” law and accused Winfrey of damaging sales by saying American cattle could have BSE and vowing never to eat another burger.

    The last legal action to be dismissed by US Judge Mary Robinson threw out “all claims and causes of action asserted or that could have been asserted”.

    It was taken by a group of farmers after an earlier legal action went to trial and Winfrey won.

    The first legal action in 1996 caused Winfrey to move her talk show to Amarillo in Texas for several episodes during the trial.
    Now, was it justified for the farmers to get angry at Oprah?

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA what, Rusky? Lief902, don’t worry. I’m just talking about intense stuff. If Wal-Mart makes a bad move when making a product, they’ll do a lot to make sure the general public doesn’t find out before they fix the problem.

  3. Wow… this is intense… you’re going to start blocking people who may blog about you or your site? Every product’s going to have some bad reviews, some insults, etc. it can’t be helped. You’ll just have to make your product better to staunch the reviews. That being said when I signed up for your forums I was under the impression that people there were going to really form some sort of a community and I liked that idea, now, reading this, and seeing the experience of some of the forum members I’m not so sure… this is just weird.

  4. @Shadeplay23… He can talk about you all he wants, this is the internet, now I don’t have any idea what the situation is but…

    @Phil, I like this blog, it’s one of the few that will voice solid opinions about things without glossing it all over, congrats 🙂

  5. Well I have spent some time thinking about this, and I don’t want to get it wrong as 1 GMBP is what I really want, it could be someone whose game was in the Final Five of The GM Race, since you didnt vote for them, or it could be Shadeplay23 – I am going for Shadeplay23.

  6. Oh, I see

    Yes, I know, but wouldn’t Wal-Mart keep an eye on that guy to make sure he doesn’t attempt to steal from them? So I’m letting him in, I’m just keeping an eye on him.

    End of story….All’s been said and sorted out.

  7. @Shadeplay23
    [off topic] HTML

    [on topic] It’s not fair to punish people for blogging about you on there site. You should only punish people on your site if they do something wrong there. If I stole something from a gas station wal-mart wouldn’t say “…you cant come in…” now would they?

  8. “But now I must say I am going to be strictly watching my forum.”
    I want to add that I am doing this because now I know about this. As I still do not want anyone blogging about me without me knowing, I am taking strict actions to prevent access for ones who would like to blog.

  9. @Danny
    [Off Topic]How do you make your post bold? BB Code? HTML?

    [On Topic]True, very true, Danny. Fine, I do apologize for my actions, and I will unwarn Phil. But now I must say I am going to be strictly watching my forum.

  10. @Shadeplay23
    Thank god if you aren’t listening to Nate. None the less Phil has every write to blog about you as you say “…behind your back…” how is it behind your back when this blog is very public. Hes blogging about something wrong you did now face the consonances, apologize and this will all slowly go away. The more you argue the more mad you get Phil and the rest of us here.

  11. Danny, I threatened to first warn, and then ban. But, of course, that’s only if something “serious” happens.

    Bendodge, may I redirect you to another blog? 😀

    Look, you guys. I want to make peace, but if things go out of hand, I will make war. 🙁

  12. Danny, you do realize that I am not listening to Nate. I am ignoring him. I’m going to request an IP Ban on him soon; Maybe the administrators will listen. Plus, nateistoraw didn’t point out that Phil was blogging things behind my back and it should be stopped…Nate just said that he read it on the Game Maker Blog. Then I came and saw the blog…End of story. (Although it is just so fun threatening this blog)

    Eyas, what?!

  13. @Shadeplay23
    Your post just gave away why your stupidity “until nateistoraw (Hardcoregamer) pointed it out” is he teaching you the ways of the”n00b”, because each thing you say reminds me of Nate. Phil has every write to blog about you. Your only doing this to yourself don’t be so ignorant and he won’t have anything to blog about you. What was the threat anyway Phil?

  14. gamez, I know you. I know GM Tech. And yes…I “requested” a stop on the blogging without my permission, as I had not known about this blog (I knew it; I just never visited it) until nateistoraw (Hardcoregamer) pointed it out.

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