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It’s happened…

One and half months into GameMaker Blog and it looks like it has finally happened.  I knew it probably would, it was just a matter of when.

Someone has taken offence to my comments.

The recently released 4th issue of MarkUp included a re-run of an article first seen here on Game Maker Blog, a review of the game Forted.

I think the ‘offending’ sentence is as follows:

Sure, this [refering to Forted] has all been seen before with the defend your castle ( game produced by xgenstudios, which interestingly I also compared Coffee Lover Proction’s trailer for Senseless War ( to, but the concept was good and Micco (, the creator of Forted certainly hasn’t produced a rip-off of defend your castle.

Remember this is in an article about the game Forted, it merely contains a link to my review of the Sensless War trailer. So Coffee, the creator of the Senseless War game decided to go to the MarkUp topic in the GMC and rant and rave about an article that wasn’t even included in MarkUp. Quite what he thinks my opinion of the trailer has to do with MarkUp I don’t know. My views are my views and they remain my views.

Let’s see what Coffee says, and before this kicks of further I’d like to point out that I am perfectly entitled to quote what has been said on an open discussion board.

Ok, what is it with you and that Senseless War trailer that I made with GMCap?! Instead of JUDGING my game by the trailer and saying it’s just a rip-off of the game “Defend Your Castle”, TRY THE DAMN GAME!

Firstly he starts off by suggesting I am running a campaign against his game – I wrote one article.

Then he says I shouldn’t judge a game by its trailer. He obviously misses the point of the article. I wouldn’t normally judge a game just by its trailer but if there is one available it certainly plays a big part. The article was one of a series investigating what I thought of games based on their trailers.

Apparently I said this game was a rip off of Defend your Castle. The actual wording I used in my review of the trailer was “From the trailer it appears that Senseless War is a bit like xgenstudios’s Defend your castle game”.

I fail to see how saying a the game looks a bit (purposely emboldened in the original article,) like something can be interpreted as saying the game is a rip-off.

Coffee then follows up by suggesting that I should remove the article from my blog and that I should not write about anything he has made without his prior permission. (!) This is not China. This is not Iran. I can say what I like. I simply expressed my opinion. I certainly don’t need someones permission to review something freely available on the Internet.

I also recieved two PMs from Coffee asking me to remove the post (I assume this refers to the review of the trailer).  Again and again Coffee mentions that I shouldn’t call the game a “rip-off” without having played it.  I never called the game a rip-off.  Anywhere.  But I certainly haven’t played it.  And I don’t intend to.

What do you think?

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  1. A popcorn forum ummm, nope.
    More gamemaker related content is higher up on my list since this site is supposed to be Game Maker Blog. I can’t have my search rankings for Game Maker fall!

  2. Ok then, then it was a misunderstanding. But I did get the feeling that it was implied that it was a rip-off. Lets just agree to disagree.

    However, I deleted the trailer, so your blog is pretty much…pointless. But I don’t really care now because of the fact that I just looked at 2 new posts in my game’s topic and thought “What does it matter what he says? Look at the posts this game gets anyways ^_^” and found it stupid that I was complaining about this anyways.

  3. I was not trying to imply that Senseless War was a rip-off at all I was just saying that it looked a bit like Defend Your Castle.

    The post is almost a month old and I will not be removing it simply because you have misinterpreted it.

  4. You said my game was a BIT like Defend Your Castle, then later on, you said that Fort was in no way a rip-off of Defend Your Castle, obviously you’re indirectly saying Fort isn’t a rip-off but that Senseless War is. Also, it was my mistake with the Markup article, I hadn’t realized that they had nothing to do with what was said in the article provided by you and I did apologize to them. I also nicely asked you to take the blog off your site because I felt it made my game indeed sound like a rip-off, and I also felt that Fort itself was a bit of a rip-off itself, seeing as you still had to defend a base.

    However, if you say that you didn’t call it a rip-off, then fine. But I would still like the blog to taken off please because I feel that it gives the message that my game is a rip-off when it’s not a rip-off, I wasn’t trying to make another Defend Your Base clone. As well as you might as well move it, because I’m deleting that old trailer anyways.

  5. 🙁 I just got my popcorn and all.. I thought there was going to be a flame war.. Meh. Peace is quite cool, but lame, too!

    [disclaimer: its a joke, don’t tell me how politically incorrect this is]

MarkUp Issue 4 (June) released