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It’s not often that I come across ‘decent’ games at the GMC. There are a lot of good efforts, but most releases leaving me wanting more – in a bad way. The number of games where the focus has all been on one aspect of the game is high. For example games with amazing unique graphics which are wasted on appalling gameplay.

Forted, a bunker defence game is an exception to this rule. This game has it all. A great idea, simple but adequate graphics, sound, easy gameplay and a number of features that appear later in the game to keep you playing. A highscore table makes the game addictive, as does the chance to choose how to upgrade your bunker.

Sure, this has all been seen before with the defend your castle game produced by xgenstudios, which interestingly I also compared Coffee Lover Proction’s trailer for Senseless War to, but the concept was good and Micco, the creator of Forted certainly hasn’t produced a rip-off of defend your castle.

Forted Gamemaker

You control the guns of a military bunker in an area of open grassland, you are attacked by various soldiers from either side and from bombers, fighters and helicopters from above. You have to work out how to best manage your resources which include when to reload, when to nuke and which upgrade option to choose after you have killed the next 100 soldiers.

Forted is an excellent example of the type of mini-games that can be produced with gamemaker and how a basic concept can quickly be built upon to build a more fulfilling and complete game.

No fancy 3D graphics or major soundtrack, and yes the game has its flaws – some of the text is a bit too small to read, and the colour changes of the sky are a bit dramatic – but an excellent and fun minigame! With a bit of tweaking here and there it could get my top rating. I’d give this game a 9/10, and I don’t even give out high ratings, or even any ratings often at all unless I think a game really deserves it.



Added: 10 May 2007
By: Micco

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  1. Please point out where I have said Senseless War is a rip-off of Defend your Castle. I haven’t.

    Quite frankly I couldn’t care less how many downloads your game has had – it’s certainly better than anything I’ve made in gamemaker. The number of downloads something achieves does not proove anything.

    Shooting and throwing are the same? In my book no.

  2. Hey, do NOT mention Senseless War in this and saying it’s just a rip-off of Defend Your Castle, when you haven’t even PLAYED the game. Especially when Senseless War has gotten twice as many downloads than this game has, and this is also a rip-off of Defend your castle too anyways with a few unique things:

    You can throw the enemys with your mouse in DYC, and you can shoot them in this game, pretty much the same.
    You have to defend uhh….CASTLE, or base in this case
    You can upgrade in BOTH games
    New enemies come out eventually in BOTH games

    So exactly how is this NOT a rip-off or in my words, a Defend Your Castle INSPIRED game as well?

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