The ignorance of some members at the GMC never ceases to amaze me. In the past two days I have come across as many posts promoting websites which look terrible in Firefox based browsers. This alone is forgivable, just. But since the creators of these sites are fully aware that their site does not display correctly in Firefox and don’t seam to be prepared to do anything about it they are certainly loosing my custom (and respect if they had any in the first place).

I use K-Meleon, a light open-source browser based on the Gecko engine behind Mozilla. Based on my Google Analytics statistics less than a third of the visits to Game Maker Blog are by people using Internet Explorer or other similar browsers. Therefore these selfish game creators, one of which when told their site was incompatible with FireFox replied “you could just not use firefox…“, are therefore abandoning a large and increasing sector of surfers who are moving away from IE.

Comments such as “This site works best in Internet Explorer. Sorry…” aren’t going to win you any friendship from me. Even if you claim you don’t have Firefox this is no excuse. It takes a minute if that to download it free. Even if you have the delusion that IE is better and want to continue using it you should still check out how your site appears to those who have moved to FireFox.

Incidentally the most popular browser to view Gamemakerblog in over the past month is Firefox, followed by IE, Mozilla, Opera and Safari. The earlier IE compatibility problems were fixed after a few days.

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  • New gamemakerblog browser stats
    FireFox – 45.34%
    IE – 31.57%
    Mozilla – 20.34%
    Opera – 2.12%
    Safari – 0.42%
    Netscape – 0.21%

  • I like how you linked to Safari just incase people don’t know what it is 😛 Making you website only IE compatible is a good way to piss people off and pretty much destroy half your audience.

  • Markup has:
    Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, K-Meleon, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla, GetRight, Links

    IE (only ahead by 2.5% 😛 ), Firefox, Opera, Mozilla


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