Game Review – Shotgun FunFun

Shotgun FunFun by Chad Chisholm is a condensed action package, made to help you kill a few minutes and get your humanoid-but-not-quite-human-murdering fix. Your goal is simple, survive for as long as possible and blast as many ‘demons’ back to hell before you, invariably, die. There’s not much to it beyond that. The formula is basic, the depth is non-existent, but Shotgun FunFun is rather fun for a few short spells.

Game Review – Kairuga

Kairuga by Kairos is a top-down action shooter modeled after the cult hit Ikaruga of console fame. As such, it’s billed as an homage, and accomplishes this quite admirably! Now, I definitely want to clarify the difference between homage and rip-off. An homage is built around the concept of something, either as a study, or fan art, or any other love-letter-esque media one can use to show their appreciation. A rip-off is a blatant theft Read more…