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Game Review – Shotgun FunFun

Shotgun FunFun by Chad Chisholm is a condensed action package, made to help you kill a few minutes and get your humanoid-but-not-quite-human-murdering fix.

Your goal is simple, survive for as long as possible and blast as many ‘demons’ back to hell before you, invariably, die. There’s not much to it beyond that. The formula is basic, the depth is non-existent, but Shotgun FunFun is rather fun for a few short spells.


Where Shotgun FunFun really shines is the fact that it is utterly satisfying to play. The sound effects and animations are shockingly impactful, and the controls are extraordinarily clean so you actually feel like you can really get somewhere in this game on skill alone. While the game is built to eventually terminate your game session without question or remorse, you never hit that wall where it feels like you’re being told ‘you’ve had enough, we’re done here now, thanks for playing!’

Of course, Shotgun FunFun does have a few broken bits. It’s very predictable. I would imagine you, like myself, will discover the gross advantage of ladder sniping, seeing as how it’s absolutely possible to sit on a ladder and shoot at demons indefinitely to rack up some end-game kills.

Shotgun FunFun gets repetitive almost immediately. Its replay value is wholly dependent on you not having anything else to do. Seeing as how this game has been released on a few other platforms that cater to this sort of ennui it seems to have found a more comfortable market.

Finally, there is no sense of real escalation. Eventually demons just crowd the screen and make it difficult by way of sheer numbers alone. With such a tidy package as it is, the lack of any further depth like different enemy types or separate level layouts upsets me a bit.  I hesitate to use the term lazy, but when you have got a technically excellent game and a solid gameplay engine that can obviously handle it, why not spend a few more days trying to punch in a few lines of code for new behavior? Or use that fantastic animation talent to make a new enemy or two?

Overall, Shotgun FunFun is an easily consumable bite of delicious shooter action. If you can spare a few minutes for some wholesome demon slaughter, check it out.

Play Shotgun FunFun on PC.

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  1. I played shotgun FunFun a while back and had pretty much the same feeling. Good for boredom, although lacks that extra bit of shine that the developer could have put into it. The environment itself lacks design, it’s too simple. This takes away from the game’s overall replay value, lack of enemy and environment differentiation really does bring a game down.

    The review was spot on.

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