Skydiver Drop Zone – Android/iPhone Game Review (YoYo Games)

on April 9, 2011 - 11411 Views

After over a month with no new titles published YoYo Games yesterday released a new game on iPhone and Android.

SkyDiver Drop Zone, coded by Andrew McCluskey, is a spin-off from Chad Chisholm’s SkyDiver.

You control the same character as in SkyDiver and the basic premise of the game is that you get thrown out of a plane, must deploy your parachute at the correct moment and attempt to land as close as you can to a target on the ground.

You control your gliding descent by tilting your device with more points being awarded for faster descents and getting close to the bullseye of the landing zone. Activate your parachute too late and you will crash into the ground and splat, ending your run of skydives.

With no powerups or options to customise your game Skydiver Drop Zone is very simple. With each attempt being so similar with just the landing zone moving to a different location I didn’t find this had much re-playability though it is a nicely produced game.

The game is available both in both a free ad supported version as well as a 59 pence ad-free version.

Android free version
Android 59p ad-free

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6 Responses to Skydiver Drop Zone – Android/iPhone Game Review (YoYo Games)

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  2. Mike Dailly says:

    Yes. 🙂

  3. My guess is he would be, yes.

  4. Desert Dog says:

    I’d be interested to know if Chad is getting any revenue from this game.

  5. Prinsu-Kun says:

    Just realized now, Andrew McCluskey, is NAL real name, after doing a little search in google. 🙂

  6. Prinsu-Kun says:

    Nice simple game, I played it, somehow it’s give me feeling like it’s made in
    flash than gamemaker 😀

    and I would like to know who is Andrew McCluskey ?! giving us a website or yoyogames page for him, would be nice, or he is an employer in yoyogames ?


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