GameMaker runner in C++ almost complete

GMFetch, formerly a magazine now a blog, have finally heard back from Sandy at YoYo Games regarding some questions they asked about the Game Maker decompiler. Oh, and GMFetch, judging from the photo below Sandy Duncan is most definitely male 😉

GMFetch becomes a blog

From a magazine to a blog. I think this is a good idea, although the technical implementation doesn’t impress me.  

Why I dislike GM Fetch

When the first issue of this magazine came along at the end of March I was surprised at the positive reviews it was getting at the GMC considering it had only four pages of content. They are arrogant – slogganing their magazine with the phrase “Its not about beating the competition – because we’ve already won”, which they also managed to mis-quote on their blog.

Game Maker Magazines

In the past few months we have seen the launch of a couple of new GameMaker magazines. First there was Mattthew_H’s Game Maker Magazine which released its first issue in mid-February and its second in mid-March. At the end of March we then saw the first issue of GMFetch magazine emerge with just four pages of content. I will take this opportunity to collate information about all of the recent Game Maker magazines. I will Read more…