Prodigy Game Magazine: Issue 4

Our good friend Hardcoregamer is back with a new issue of his magazine. The June issue features 19 pages of content (which has been mostly crammed into hard to read text walls in a mediocre layout): sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Gnazine returns… as Prodigy Game Magazine

ProdigyGM have returned with a new Game Maker Magazine. After their unsuccessful attempt with the unfortunately titled gNAZIne last year which managed just two issues. “We are not politically correct at all. We give out intense news, previews, and reviews.”

Hardcoregamer actually does something useful

…With his “Katchup” blog. An interview with Danny, a GMB writer and the head of GMTV reveals that the fourth episode will be released on “June 23 or earlier”. According to Danny, the release date “is not correct”. Be sure to check out his other posts full of useful information.

Prodigy GM gone for good?

A recent look at the Prodigy GM website reveals that the website has been deleted. According to nateistoraw (Prodigy GM’s owner), awardspace which they were using to host the site, deleted the website for spamming what a shock. I can’t say I am too ‘upset’ I am sure you all know my feelings for nateistoraw and anything to do with him. Knowing Nate the site will probley be back up sometime, but I personally would Read more…