Gnazine returns… as Prodigy Game Magazine

ProdigyGM have returned with a new Game Maker Magazine. After their unsuccessful attempt with the unfortunately titled gNAZIne last year which managed just two issues.

“We are not politically correct at all. We give out intense news, previews, and reviews.”

The front page of this new publication is already impressive, containing tiny screenshots, (almost) unreadable text that says “Tutorials, Previews, Reviews, Exclusive Interviews”, and a logo that doesn’t fit at all. Don’t want to download the magazine? Here’s a screenshot:

Click for bigger

Next, we have a table of contents:

Letter to the public – p.2
Interview with 2dcube- p.3
Flamewar -p.4
Toonimator Preview – p.4
YoYoGames Update – p.7
GML Coding Errors – p.7
Local News PGM -p. 8
MMO Time – p.9
Wubly Review – p.10
GML Coding Errors Answers- p.12
Mr Noob The Comic – p.12
Adbarlian Castles EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW – p.13
Interview with Desanduin- p.15
East Scripts p. 16
Closing Statement -p.17

What I’m looking forwards to? The “interview”, “Local News PGM”, “Mr. Noob The Comic”, and an exclusive interview with “Adbarlian Castles”. Wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? Oh, yeah, it’s a game by the magazine’s creator!

After this, a small letter to the public:

We are pleased to bring you one of the best Game Maker Magazines out there. I do have a history with making Game maker magazines. My 1st Game Maker Magazine was called the Gnazine. The Gnazine failed because of lack of coordination. I have made all the necessary improvements to this magazine so that the professionalism is shown. I have a real team who is helping in the production of this glorious magazine. With hard work and teamwork this magazine shall not be departed, forsaken, or irrationally created. I ask that if anyone would like to join our magazine team please email me at: We are accepting new writers, interviewers, artist, jokers, and experts. Anyone is accepted here. This is a community project, so let us all participate!

Maximum professionalism has already been shown, Nate, don’t worry!

Next up? Interview with 2DCube… usual boring interview stuff. But then:

Flame War

Yes the most cyber war is being unleashed once again!  Today’s victim is going to be “GM Weekly”. GM weekly has gone Bi-Weekly! The writers seem to have become lazy. We have no idea whether or not if the magazine will continue to be known as GM Weekly.

I am just kidding. GM Weekly is a great magazine. It is impressive that it can release an issue so often. I recommend GM Weekly to anyone. Do not despair about unmatched release dates.
Source Author: DPoole

…Wait, what? Next up, random app, some GML puzzles… Local News PGM:

ProdigyGM is going under construction. The site has acquired new domain names. The webmasters plan to link together all of the websites for a full community. Also Adbarlian Castles is getting a major upgrade. The game will have features never before seen in any indie, commercial, or GM Game. Hardcoregamer/Nateistoraw intends to release THE REAL DEMO of Adbarlian Castles soon. Also the time period for the game is now 2100, but Adbarlian is not on planet earth, so expect to see a crazy world.

I have to admit that Nate has me confused here… The ProdigyGM website is talking about a game called “Adbarlian County”… so what’s Adbarlian Castles?

Next up… article on GM MMO’s. Here’s some interesting highlights:

  • The games posted on the GMC are MOs (Multilayer Online).
  • The 39dll and Sock dll typically are the dlls used in online game creation.

And then there’s a review of “Wubly” by 2DCube:

Wubly is not even a chick! According to the game, Wubly is asexual, and pink. Asexual is usually used for plants and fungi…

…The game_end() function is kinda, inappropriate, because when you close the game, you see the game’s size decrease, until it closes, but who asked for that animation?

…Wubly has a brother, NOT REALLY ACCORDING TO

…I recommend this game to anyone who wants to have a ball, oooops, Wubly…

Genius. Next up, solutions to their GML puzzles and their comic:

Mr. Noob

We can’t wait to see what happens (on page 17). But first, exclusive preview: Adbarlian Castles!

Adbarlian Castles (RPG) is one of GM’s Most innovative 3d games. The game allows you to take the role of a wizard/magician. It is well known that the game was supposed to be a mmorpg; however, the People at ProdigyGM had a different style of humor. They allowed NPC to behave as if they were real life PLAYERS!

As you can see, the Prodigy Game Magazine presents unbiased opinions and exclusive insights on game development.

The NPCs respond to many KEYWORDS, including, yes I said it, profane phrases!

Oh dear.

The enemy models and scenery is [sic] simply genius. The camera is also wonderful.

So when do you mention that this is your game?

Well, some random interview, GML script… and closing words:

Thank you for reading the PGM Magazine. We expect to make this a monthly magazine. We can meet our deadlines only with your help. Free Advertising is available! You can become a writer
also! Got content! Send us anything that is valuable via  email at: The PGM Magazine releases this magazine ‘As Is”. All products mentioned are the responsibility of the owners/ creators. Once again thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support. No problem!

That sure was an interesting read… but wait, there’s more… let’s not forget “Mr. Noob – The Comic”, and its thrilling conclusion:

Mr. Noob

Well, that sure made my day.

What do you think?

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  1. “Wait, did that say “We will find you and your products?” Is that a threat? Lawyers!!!!!


    That’s exactly what I was thinking. 🙂

    About a year ago, I sent a HCG a PM letting him know that I would be willing to help his magazine. [I have no magazine-ing experience, but I can at least write coherent sentences] I figured I might as well help the underdog.

    He never replied. No wonder he has no help, he won’t let anybody help him.

  2. Tom Russell’s post was deep and well worth the read. Kinda makes we rethink how I’ve been handling everything. Thanks! Now I need to go download and read all of your magazines (something I haven’t done and I have no clue why) if you have this kind of depth.

    Eyas Sharaiha’s post was very true as well.


  3. “But who is going to help me? Because I cannot do it [alone].”

    Not with an attitude like that you can’t.

    I really don’t want to play this card, but look: if I can do my magazine, which requires me to write seventy-odd pages of text-heavy game design articles four times a year, you can surely write less than twenty picture-heavy pages with a wider and more community-oriented focus. So don’t play this ‘I’m all by myself, so you can’t blame me if I fail” bullshit, because frankly that’s something I’m just sick and tired of.

    One thing I’ve found in talking to other filmmakers is that human beings embarking on a creative project have a tendency to set up unnecessary obstacles for themselves– to create ways to ensure their own failure.

    “I need to get a steadicam,” one will say; “I’ll start my film when I can afford a steadicam.” And, if they manage to get one, by that time another obstacle will have cropped up. “I need a big scene with extras. I need to find some extras.” “I need to get a crane shot.”

    They pile on things that are just out of reach. Eight times out of ten, they don’t make the film; they’ve given themselves an excuse. They couldn’t get what they needed to make the film, it’s not their fault, poor baby!

    One time out of ten, they make the film, and as they make it, they constantly complain about how they lack the things they need. And those things are like holes in the film; you can see how they try to fudge their way through a steadicam-like shot or a crowd scene.

    But one time out of ten, they realize they’re setting up ways for themselves to fail. And so they re-write it and re-think and, sometimes, re-shoot it; they make it so they don’t need those things in the first place. They eliminate the need for a crowd scene instead of trying to fudge one. They make due with what they’ve got but they do so in such a way that the finished product is seamless.

    You say you need an artist. You don’t. If you feel the need for a comic, you can use clip art. But you don’t even need a comic. (You certainly don’t know how to write one.)

    You say you need a better layout. This is true, but you should not confuse a better layout with a fancier one. Go simpler. Make the text easy to read and the pictures recognizable. A functional layout is a thousand times better than some souped-up crap.

    If you can’t do fancy properly, and if you can’t do a comic properly, then, for God’s sakes, don’t be fancy and don’t do a comic! Stick to what you’re capable of, what you feel you’re good at.

    As for the content of the magazine…

    … well, I think others have pointed out its short-comings. I think that, ultimately, is what you need to work on instead of creating opportunities (and excuses) for failure.

  4. Once again:
    “The more they run my name down, the more my price goes up”

    I admit my layout was horrible. I admit I should not mention my own games. I admit I need artist. I admit I need better covers.

    But who is going to help me? Because I can not do it along.

    GameMaker Scope
    GM -TECH”

    Why do I get the feeling that he is trying to suck up to other magazines, like how he was sucking up to the now-former admin of the GMC, Smarty? Oh well, free advertisement 😀

    I couldn’t find a better use to waste 2MB’s!

    I find downloading the magazine, a complete waste of time – and I mean that nicely.

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