GMB is now officially “immature”!

God I love SnagIt

Who wants to print this out and frame it?

And the person claiming that this blog is immature just happens to be flaming me in the comments 24/7.

What do you think?

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  1. Maybe the reason why the GM is full of immaturity and trolls is because GM is a childrens tool, and that the only sensible ones using it are doing so because they cant learn anything else and its a way to feed their gamemaking fantasies.

    Children are very easily amused and GM is great for them because they can play at being software developers.

  2. I’m glad that you’ve stopped using your idiotic ways of spamming the blog, I’m going to give you an recommendation: Use OnScore or some other premade system. They are secured from such a simple exploit as the one I used.

  3. I understand that but blogging about everything wrong we do no matter how little it is only brings our rep down…Non the less tuntis id like to be friends with you…And not argue so much.

  4. A minimum age of 18 should be enforced. To assume this difficult mission I propose a new class of moderators, the “enforcers”; Evil cyberneticly enhanced moderators, without mercy, with hooks instead of hands and an advanced understanding of the times tables including up to 12 times!

  5. Tuntis it’s not that but you find everything wrong with GMTV every flaw we have. And it’s because I believe you hate me and you hate the GMTV and you’ve hated me for some time now.

  6. Danny: I’m not pissing them off on purpose. But things like forgetting to install a spam filter when 95% of email is spam is just a major mistake, especially for such a notable website as yours. As for ProdigyGM and Hardcorefaggot24 (heh, I just had to), I don’t intend on making any more posts about him.


  7. Some picking on is alright. Such as the recent “Yay! A threat” and “High Scorez” articles. But its just too much now too much useless things not by Phil but by tuntis. Your pissing a lot of people off man. I am a true fan of this blog since Gamemaker TV had it’s first article appeared here. But the past 2 days has gotten out of hand.

  8. I agree with Eyas too I mean you guys have been posting a lot which is great having a few post making fun at someone is good but it’s been too much lately. You posted today because someone spammed my site thats nothing important at all. I mean tuntis I know you don’t like me at all but chill a bit don’t try to point every flaw with me and my site.

  9. Well.. as I have been saying, it seems that troll-comments are increasing in GMB. Many members mistake ‘criticism of shit services in the GMC’ and think we mean ‘shooting people down to raise our self esteem’, and start joining. I’ve seen a lot of immature comments lately – this is not what GMB is or ever was about. Game Maker Blog does include lots of criticisms for m Game Maker services, games, and members — criticisms are harsh sometimes, but it never trolled and humiliated people, and it never attempted to shoot anyone down. Even the latest posts haven’t “shot anyone down”, but I think they are making it much more encouraging for other members to act like trolls and humiliate, ridicule, and make fun of others. That needs to stop.

  10. um i do. seriously what is up with this guy, he starts more pointless topics than i know what to do with. I mean seriously he comes out with a new website like every week and they all are totally pointless.

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