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    Prodigy GM gone for good?

    A recent look at the Prodigy GM website reveals that the website has been deleted. According to nateistoraw (Prodigy GM’s owner), awardspace which they were using to host the site, deleted the website for spamming what a shock. I can’t say I am too ‘upset’ I am sure you all know my feelings for nateistoraw […] More

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    High scorez

    …Fix them already, Nate! EDIT: It’s about time the instructions go off: please do not advice people on how to exploit their script. – t, 23:28 GMT +2, 31 Dec. 2007 More

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    Gnazine, Pt. 2

    And gNAZIne, my Game Maker magazine of choice returns with a stunningly awesome second issue! This issue contains 12 whopping pages of quality text, and best of all, free advertisement to Markup, GMTech, GMTV and some other parties. What’s even better, there are no movie reviews in this time: just plain GM material (with the […] More