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Prodigy Game Magazine becomes a semi-decent publication

…with their newest issue. Featuring a new layout and some decent writing.

But wait, hold your horses – do you think that our good friend Nate is responsible for this? The explanation to this seemingly miraculous event is simple: he had outside help from somebody insane enough to help him.

So, here’s some bits from the stuff HCG wrote, without further ado:

As  you all may  know,  I am  currently  learning  Java and C++. This may be a surprise to you all but C++ and Java’s syntax closely  resembles  the syntax  for GML.

Oh my god!

I am sick and tired of new games on YoYo and the GMC. Why may you ask? Well I meant, not all of them. A good amount of them. There are many users posting games that have been called: “Unnamed Platformer,” “Unnamed RPG”, “Unnamed TDS”. Why make a game, without a name? How about you get a name  for  the game before the  release?

I still don’t know what “Adbarlian Castles” means…

When you call a game Unnamed,  it makes it seem like its an example/tutorial edit.

Your games have names – and they still seem like example/tutorial edits!

Wowza! There are now 2 interview gm sites. I recall last issue, we spoke of the 1st one.

In a very positive light indeed.

Review for “Coredase” – if I can read this horrible font right:

Finally, a game that strays away from all the violence and harmful nature.

Sounds like a decent review so far…

…I gave this game an overall rating of 6 stars not only because he’s my friend, but because this game is truly a masterpiece.

Once again, the Prodigy Game Magazine presents unbiased opinions (as if reviewing their own games wasn’t enough). Hey – it’s what they he promised us with issue 1:

“We are not politically correct at all. We give out intense news, previews, and reviews.”

Intense, indeed!

The rest of the magazine is the usual stuff: interview, another review… a few typos there and there. Somewhat readable.

The world is coming to an end.

What do you think?

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  1. Connor Wilkins :Nate, he can post whatever he wants. I mean, really, the whole “I gave this game an overall rating of 6 stars not only because he’s my friend” thing really made me laugh.

    I have to admit, when I saw that I stopped taking his reviews seriously. But its an ok publication, isn’t it? A bit of touch ups here and there, maybe a little practice regarding writing.

  2. Do you have a degree in pulling bullshit statistics out of thin air or something?

    Here’s a small screenshot of GMB’s WordPress admin panel, listing the 11 newest posts by me:

    Click here to see it.

    I’ve marked the posts related to you. 3 out of 11. These posts were published about 1 month apart each. You must not know what “most” means.

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