Kwiklook Blog launches

Following the discontinuation of the magazine, Darren Poole has launched a new blog, as promised:

I may very well turn KwikLook into a blog, so if you care, watch out for that.

Currently featuring 2 posts and an irritating all-bold font selection, the blog is off to a nice start.

Me? At this point, I’m wondering whether the name is Kwiklook or KwikLook.

What do you think?

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  1. Because it helps people connect the product to Game Maker more helpfully? If you’d ask a random Game Maker user what “Kwiklook” is, they couldn’t probably even guess – but with a simple name such as “GameMaker Blog”, it’s immediately noticeable that it’s a blog about Game Maker.

    Seeing the dedication the creator of Kwiklook already shares for his new project, I doubt it’ll last very long:

    Also, I don’t really want to pay for a domain when it’s not all that necessary — it wouldn’t change the quality of content or the look if I changed it to a .com domain, now would it?

    It’s almost kind of pathetic.

    Join the club, then.

  2. I wonder why most of us feel the need to put GM in front of anything GM related. It’s almost kind of pathetic. Now I’m considering changing some names. 😉

  3. I did not say I didn’t have any part in this repetitive style of GM[insert service], and I contributed to naming at least one, GMDI. I did not give GM Interviews it’s original name, though I’m just as guilty because I didn’t change it either.

    All I was saying that, name wise, KwikLook is a breath of fresh air. I know this probably should not come from me, but you have to agree 😉

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