Simulation GM Issue 2 Released

simulator-gm-cover-2Issue two of Simulation-GM has been released.

In the magazine CompanionCube reveals that Hardcoregamer creator of the Prodigy Game Magazine [latest issue] asked if the two publications could merge.  Simulation declined.

What do you think?

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  1. There’s no arrogance in going solo. Far less arrogance, at any rate, than churning out error-laden unproofread self-aggrandizing twaddle and complaining because it hasn’t been recognized as a singular work of staggering awesomeness.

    To achieve merit, you must do work that is worthy of merit.

  2. IF we merged, we will not be as stressed. Notice how soo many went under due to the arrogance of going solo. We will prevail! Yes we can! I am not a team, we are.

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