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Copycat: make a game like another game that is interesting.
Experience: Make a distinct moment of game play that looks and feels interesting.
Narrative: Make a story that is interesting
World: Make a place or world that is interesting
Systems: Make systems and objects that are interesting.
Player Skills: Make verbs for the player that are interesting.

  • Not a link, but a quick look at the location of GMC members who have plotted their location on the world map.


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  1. @James Rhodes
    Ideally you would check to see which of several predefined ranges each point is located in, however I simply counted. Hence if two users are exactly on top of each other I would not have counted them. (I did not have access to the co-ordinates other than by clicking on each user and seeing the link to their position).

  2. I guess I’d fall under “player skills”– though my previous games have been more like experiments with different mechanics than full featured games.

    That should change soon…

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