GameMaker Tech Issue 15 Released

Issue 15 of the popular Game Maker magazine GMTech has been released.  (Direct pdf link)

GameMaker Tech issue 15 with Mark Overmars exclusive

This issue features a new design with the pages rotated to landscape oreintation which makes reading the publication on a computer monitor easier and reduces the ammount of scrolling and zooming needed.   As Kay writes in his introduction to this March 2009 issue, “last time we checked, there weren’t many portrait monitors out there”, a good move and I am glad to see that they weren’t afraid to make such a change.

Content wise there is an exclusive letter from GameMaker creator and YoYo Games director Mark Overmars in which explains the reasoning behind his decision to get invovled with YoYo Games as well as news that “the runner part of Game Maker is being rewritten in C++ and is going through beta testing”  There is also an interview with Interview with Cliff Harris from Positech who has been releasing games for the last 12 years.

Additional Contents:

  • Education Undercover – why hidden educational elements prosper whereas educational games do not
  • Boss Battles – how to make your games’ bosses truly terrifying
  • Setting Realistic Goals – Rhys Andrews warns against the dangers of aiming too high
  • Using Data Structures – introduction from Rhys Andrews 
  • Making a Clever Control System
  • What YoYo Games can do to help Forgotten Games and Discouraged Designers – by Tom Russell
  • Review of  Spirits of Metropolis Mr.Chubigans’ latest game
  • Review of platform shooter Dungeon Chaos
  • WIP Review: of multi-player top down shooter Adrenaline
  • Reviews of Assasin Blue and Rencara
  • Review of Mr.Chubigans’ greenTech which won first place in YoYo Games’ Save the Planet competition and a round up of other entries
  • Development Of: Elements Of Escape
  • GM Classics: Sandbox Of God
  • A look at Model Creator for Game Maker, a 3d-model maker written in Game Maker.

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