Admin Resignation Creates New Member Type

KC LC recently announced the retirement of a GMC administrator, Damaged . Damaged was the second user to register on the GMC right after Mark Overmars and has been around since the community was born. Damaged is now classified as a new category: “Retired Staff” along with all of the other retired staff.

What do you think?

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  1. Yeah that one I already know. I was expecting some hidden news I missed in the forums maybe (I don’t visit much since I am using some other engine/tool).

    Somehow it is starting to feel like that GM8 will be nothing but a dissapointment for Windows users (portability is nice but what about speed improvements and moving into current Vista x64 world as well?). Just shocking how YoYo does the work for a company that has so many people waiting for their software.

  2. @RIP

    Sandy Duncan: The first priority has been to
    get the runner into C++. The dev work for this is
    feature complete and we are in early testing.
    Separately we will start work on the Maker [of GM8] part later
    this year, though we haven’t as yet decided if this will
    be done in C++ or some other platform. (We could
    for example keep it in Delphi or maybe use C#).

    (answer given sometime around September 2008 in GMTech 14)

The GMC is dead. Long live the GMC!

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