The GMC is dead. Long live the GMC!

In typical GMC Community section chaos two posts made just a few days apart express deeply different views as to the livelihood and success of the official Game Maker forums today.  Less than a week after Why This Community Survives was published Is This Forum Dead Now?  Where is everyone? appeared.

The community surrounding Game Maker (not just the GMC) does have its up and down times.  There are times when very little happens and then there are times when we have contests, magazine releases and intelligent discussion occurring all at once.  Are we currently in a drought?

I don’t think so.  Last month was slower than many had been previously but things have started to pick up again since we hit March.

KC LC posted some rather interesting graphs showing how the number of new member registrations, new topics created and posts made has varied since January 2007.  With 1110 new users registering at the GMC last month (almost 40 a day) the forum is far from dead even if these figures are lower than any of the preceding 24 months.

New Member Registrations over the last 25 months at the GMC:


The GMC may not be dead but one more magazine is. Remember GM Freak? No really, scroll down a few posts (two in fact).  Less than a week after releasing its first issue the magazine has gone, “I am closing the magazine down due to many reasons” writes the creator Christopher_L.

What do you think?

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  1. If they close the forums, it would be really bad for Game Maker in general. Even if there aren’t that many posts, at least there’s a sense of community in some ways. Without that, who cares?

  2. That place is doomed. I’ve never particularly liked it anyways. I have nothing against the place itself, just the mods. Some of them are complete idiots! The admins are ok I guess. >_^

  3. In Australia we’re in a drought, well, some of us at least 😛 .

    More on topic though, I haven’t really been on the GMC much recently, well, ever since Feb of 08 is when I got bored of the place and found out that I hadn’t gone on the site in about 3 months…. There isn’t much GREAT stuff happening anymore as there used to be – Maybe people just don’t have the time with the economy nowadays.

    YoYo won’t close the forums though, I very much doubt that they will at least. But if they do, then, what’s the point? My prediction is that it should be alright by the end of the year. If not, then… we’ll see.


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