2009: Game Maker Media


Unlike 2008, which saw the launch of three decent multi-issue magazines, 2009 has been a quiet year for Game Maker publications.  Indeed no single magazine has released more than three issues in the past 12 months and the list of all releases is quite short:

The most noticeable absentee from the list of releases is MarkUp, which released 5 issues in 2008 and 10 in 2007, editor Robin Monks has stated that the project is currently “on hiatus”.

Although the number of contributors has declined, Game Maker Tech’s August 2008 issue had 20 people credited compared to 13 in August 2009’s 17, the quality and professionalism of the magazine has continued to improve.  Sadly the reduction in content submissions meant that only three issues were published this year.  Hopefully we will find out more about GMTech’s plans for the future in the new year.


GameMakerTV (GMTV) and GMVision were the main Game Maker video shows this year each producing a small number of full episodes and handful of one-feature minisodes.  They were joined by less formal shows such as the enjoyable Game Maker Game Review Show and the bizarre Grimcast.

GMTV recently announced the cancellation of all future shows and I think, once they stopped trying to be too professional, they had the best show.


GMLive [website] have hosted six episodes of their Game Maker radio show.  There is a lively chat room accompanying each live broadcast as games are reviewed and community and YoYo Games matters discussed by a variety of panelists, guests and Game Maker users who can phone into the show.  Average show length is about one and a half hours.

GMIndie Radio [website], formerly part of Game Maker Station, currently have weekly shows of about fifteen minutes in length featuring Game Maker game reviews and community news. Host Brian Fetcher has presented ten shows so far.

On both shows game reviews don’t work properly – I just don’t think radio is the right format for them.  On a more positive note a recent GMLive show managed to get several listeners online playing Pinktards together.

What do you think of the Game Maker related media we have seen this year?

What do you think?

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