Prodigy Game Magazine: Issue 4

Our good friend Hardcoregamer is back with a new issue of his magazine. The June issue features 19 pages of content (which has been mostly crammed into hard to read text walls in a mediocre layout): sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Ok, there’s not much I can say about this (explaining the short post) – a lot of the writing is random rambling and populated by grammar & spelling errors, some stuff is rather odd, and some completely off topic:

This month I feel the need to warn you about visiting Mexico. We all know Summer
Break is and/or was here! Go anywhere, but Mexico for your break. There is a horrible drug
war going in in Mexico. If you ever saw the movie Taken or Last House on the Left, you will
know why. You may be kidnapped, rapped, slain, or forced to stay! Drug Wars, and Warzones
period must be avoided at all cost. Think about it, if you are dead, whos [sic] gonna make my
favorite game?


gmirc is now the official chatrooom of gm users. We all know that we need to stick together as a community. This site allows you to connect with all gm users, and hopefully soon, indie programmers.

Why are you advertising a dead IRC channel?

GMTV is more experienced, and put even the GMHV out of business.

I’m still surprised!

Thank you all for viewing Issue #4 of the Prodigy Game Magazine. I hope you all enjoyed. We know this issue was a tad (LOL more like GREATLY) late.


What do you think?

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  1. You all need to know that I have requested help, and I was turned down. No man can do adventures like this alone, but no man is a man without even trying. When you fall off your bike do you just stop running, my answer, idk about you all’s answer is HELL NO.

  2. … did you seriously just say “Am I suppose to pay people?” in response to “People want to devote their time and effort to projects and people they can believe in”? Do you not understand the concept that people assist others when (1) the project is worth contributing to, and (2) the person running it inspires them?

    You can’t make quality contingent on participation because participation is contingent on quality.

    I make films. I don’t pay my actors. Yet they come back, year-after-year, film-after-film. Why? Because they believe the films that we make are worth making; because they trust me and my wife to create work that honours their participation. Moreover, they like us personally, and that’s because we demonstrate some modicum of intelligence, humour, and warmth without whining like a little baby or pulling non-sequitors out of our asses.

    Your previous work doesn’t make anyone want to jump in and help; your constant whining, excuses, and trolling doesn’t help, either. You’re treated like a joke because you comport yourself like one. If you want to be treated like an intelligent, helpful, likeable member of the larger Game Maker Community, you need to grow the fuck up, dipshit.

  3. I am sorry for not having an editor. Does anyone want to help on issue 5? As I thought, no one would, because they prefer to complain and bitch better. I am sorry for the harsh language. But If you expect me to make a good layout, then you are better off doing it. Also, it happened in Mexico.

  4. Nice catch Danny.

    I think he might have misquoted me. I never said the meeting turned out with positive results, I might have implied it, but that I’m not even sure of. I should look into this.

    I love reading Prodigy for some reason, it’s the only magazine that makes me burst out laughing and tempting me to send the link to friends. 😉

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