Prodigy GM Magazine Rises From The Dead

Formerly known as “Prodigy Game Magazine“, Nathan Hurde has released a new issue of his magazine (direct pdf link). Last released in June, a new issue (issue 5) was finally released here at the end of October. The new title of the magazine is now “Tailware Times”. The magazine opened with a note from Nathan Hurde which included the reasoning for the new name:

“Instead we will use our new name “TAILWARE”. You all know
that life would be so much easier with a tail, so you gave you one. Tailware will of
course feature the content of its predecessor, ProdigyGM, however.”

The magazines layout has seemed to downgrade from the previous issue, with issue 5 reverting back to a simpler black and white style. The content was written in a similar style to previous versions of the magazine which involved some rather bland writing that sometimes appeared to be opinionated:

“This game is waaay better
than Realm One Online, Whispered Scroll Online, Goomba
Online, and Realm One Online. Yes, you heard me!”

The issue features an interview with Ben who is the creator of Processing. A face off between Game Maker and Processing was then featured, with Game Maker taking the winning position. The issue also featured other unprofessional things, such as Nathans personal attack on GMTV for featuring him in their top 5 fails from episode 6. The magazine also features some nice reviews of some various games and other previews and interesting articles.

What do you think?

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  1. Well. I wasn’t going to read this having seen the comments in Community, but I see ROO is mentioned, so I’ll take a look. Don’t worry, I’m bracing myself.

    Ok. *Retrieving brain cells*

    I’ll start with my favourite quote:

    “This game is waaay better
    than Realm One Online, Whispered Scroll Online, Goomba
    Online, and Realm One Online. Yes, you heard me! The graphics are lovely. The
    game plays rather smoothly and lag free.”

    Firstly, I’d like to thank you for mentioning ROO both first, last and twice. You made me laugh. I see you’re sticking with the times by mentioning both WSO and Goomba…And, for future reference, you might want to check out our progress at our site — ROO owns that game :S Perhaps stay up to date with the development of games if you want to compare them to others.

    Overall, it was definitely as bad as I expected. But I thank you for the publicity, and hope your computer dies and saves us all.


  2. once again, gamer_freak had the old layout. I was unable to get in contact with him for months. I was left to make my own layout, as I did in issue #4. Also, I will update the build of the magazine.

  3. I took the liberty of copy pasting my reply from GMC over to Game Maker Blog. (Philip, don’t take any offense at a one *ahem* certain part)
    In my opinion your new layout is simply awful. Your TOC is too confusing and should be placed separately in it’s own column (I mean actually centering it).

    What is this? I read through some of your articles and came across something rather interesting. In response to “Game Maker TV” you bash him publically calling him names and ranting on about what he said about your site. You should reply to him directly on his site instead of bashing him publically. You are beginning to sound like Philip from Game Maker Blog. I do agree that Danny Eggers is unprofessional to some extent, but at least he tries hard and for the most part ignores insults and improves what people ask him to improve.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know you tried.

    Overall I think you have a lot of good content in the issue and I am sure you worked hard to put this together. So I will at least give you a 4/5 for the content regardless of how unprofessional this truly is. I especially do not agree with KC LC about the content. She says “To make matters worse, there’s no interesting content — just pointless commentary, and made up “controversy”. I have read the whole thing and have found several articles interesting.

    Your old layout was much better. I have to ask you. How do you go from better to worse? I thought you were all for improvement?

    Things you could improve:
    1. Layout – Keep white as your main background, but use a light solid color background behind the paragraphs and titles. I recommend a light blue.
    2. English – Um, read KC LC’s reply. I think she put it best. She said “The constant stream of malapropisms, failed humor, and bad grammar is so horrible, I found myself laughing out loud.”
    3. Bashing – Yeah, don’t do that. If you want to bash someone do it over PM. No need to make it public.

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