GMLive 9 and GMIndie Radio 21

Two Game Maker radio programmes were broadcast today.   The first was GMLive at 11am EST (4pm GMT)  which was followed five hours later by GMIndie Radio.  Although the two radio shows started off very different from each other when they first launched I believe that particularly since the start of the year they have been converging in the types of content they cover.


After a couple of broadcasts troubled with technical issues today’s was pretty straight forward with a number of topics discussed.  Sound quality still leaves a lot to be desired, to quote myself from the chatroom which accompanies the live broadcast – “How have you not learnt how to turn of skype sounds after 8 shows?” [sic].  It seems strange that the earlier broadcasts had better sound quality and fewer technical problems than those produced this year.

The links below are to an ‘as heard’ recording minus the music and random pauses that occurred presumably due to server lag.  At one point the player stopped working completely so a section of the show is missing.

Listen again:  [audio:]

Direct link: gmlive-13-feb-2010.mp3.

Next show: 27th February (previous show).

GMIndie Radio

GMIndie, who are apparently satisfied with the explanation given by their webhost for what currently amounts to 13 consecutive days of complete downtime, currently have a show every Saturday.

On today’s show Nathan Hurde revealed that his latest magazine Tailware Times is turning into a blog and Brian talked about his new general programming magazine.  The game reviews are certainly better on GMIndie than on GMLive as the hosts seem to know what they are going to say about the games rather than the all to often “I haven’t played that game”.

Listen again:  Via GMIndie forum

Next show: 20th February (previous show).

Although GMLive started off with shows regularly lasting between one and a half and two hours, the two most recent broadcasts have been nearer to 45 minutes.  Conversely GMIndie Radio recently increased the aimed length of their weekly show from 15 to 25 minutes and today’s show was actually a similar length to GMLive.  GMIndie also did have guests or accept callers on their earlier shows however now have adapted GMLive’s “everyone is welcome” policy.

What is your opinion of the Game Maker radio shows?  Which do you prefer and what could be done to improve future broadcasts?

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What do you think?

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  1. I shouldn’t vote because I am in GMIndie team but anyways… GMIndie 21 was a huge catastrophe because two of the three co-hosts had technical problems, me included. I hope we will get more listeners next Sat.

  2. I can’t seem to listen to the GMIndie show; the file can’t be found. Also, while I was listening to GMlive, they said it was their tenth show, but your title says its their ninth. Which one is it?

  3. To be honest, I don’t know why being live “adds” anything to these shows; especially when it’s clear a little bit of editing post show goes a long way.

    I’m ready for GMTalk ep 2 right about now 😛

  4. If the comparing had been an overall, I’d’ve voted for Game Maker Live. But the show has taken a huge turn for the worse in the last few episodes. I don’t find either of them particularly engrossing, but comparing GMIndie 21 to GMLive 9 I’m going to have to vote for the former.

    Side note: there are a couple of grammatical errors in this post (ignoring the one from the quote you [sic]ed): “links below are to a ‘as heard’ recording” needs the “a” turned into “an”, and “one and half and two hours” needs an “a” before “half”.

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