GMLive’s 10th Show

GMLive’s tenth live Game Maker radio show was hosted today and lasted half an hour.

The date of the next show has not been announced as host Joshua is considering the possibility of a merge with GMIndie Radio to make a weekly show.  Producer Jono announced that he would be resigning from his position at GMLive after today’s show.

Below is an ‘as live’ show recording complete with incredible levels of feedback and crackle.  You’d have to be pretty dedicated to make it to the end (when the site tracked just 4 listeners).

Direct link or flash player:  [audio:]

Previous GMLive epsiode.

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  1. Phil, it is our 11th broadcast. Please fix it. Even though one of the broadcasts was cancelled because of Jono’s internet, it was still a broadcast, and we had a fine show over skype with eachother.

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