GMTalk Game Maker Podcast – Episode 2

Andrew McCluskey, Jack Brockley, Noel Berry and myself have recorded a second GMTalk Game Maker podcast episode.

In the 37 minute show we discuss the downfall of quality Game Maker media and experiences of collaborating in Game Maker team projects.  We also look back at the Game Maker entries in the recent GameJolt weekend Jam as well as taking a quick look at some other issues.


Mono version: [audio:] Direct Link (34MB)

Show Links

Most recent GMTech Issue
Most recent MarkUp Issue
Independent Developer magazine
Overbyte magazine

Google Doc’s style online Game Maker IDE by James Rhodes (abandoned)
Braingale Team
“The incredible Lil Vypa

Obligatory lack of Instant Play moan

The Book
Who is making money from Game Maker article

Official GameJolt Jam entry list
NAL‘s look at the Game Maker entries in the GameJolt Jam.
Vatn Squid
Paper Dreams

GMC CageMatch on Hiatus
GMLive on Hiatus

Amusing YYG forum post
Game Maker Blog twitter

Music: Store and Save by Hardstroke
The first episode

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  1. I just want to say: I can’t keep up with both the accent and the static at the same time. One or the other maybe, but both? Can you imagine the pressure on my poor little American ears? 😛

  2. That didn’t fix anything. I still don’t understand what he meant by “whereas, someone like you, not so much.”. I’ve started up several forums with over 4k members. Look at them! They are still growing ^^ Are you saying I’m not successful when I am?

    Oh.. That’s right… We’re talking about the podcast. Sorry ^^

    Can’t wait for 3.

  3. Haha, enjoyable again, although the sound quality seemed to dip quite a bit this time 😛 At least it’s not burdened by this pseudo professionalism that hampers so much of the GM media, if anything drazzke’s vatn squid interruption ADDED to the enjoyment I got from this haha.

    • I think they better stick with what they’re doing, because for some reason they’re successful (many people enjoy listening to them), whereas, someone like you, not so much.

      Yes, I’m rude. 😉

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