GMVision takes over GMIndie

Hammers can be used to fix things, build games!? and now symbolise a take-over

I wondered why GMVision, creators of a Game Maker video show and previously the GMLive Game Maker radio, had collaborated with the over-ambitious GMIndie to run the recent poorly implemented Game Maker Survey.

Things obviously ran a little deeper than I thought as it appears that GMVision has now taken over complete control of GMIndie.

Looking back our very brief write-up of the last GMLive show, broadcast in February this year, mentions that the next show date had not been announced because “host Joshua is considering the possibility of a merge with GMIndie Radio”.  No GMLive episodes were released after this and I had presumed the idea was dead.


That said there are a few similarities between the two Game Maker media collectives.  Both were over ambitious and planned to produce multiple formats of media alongside each other which never really worked.  For GMVision this was in the form various video shows, the GMLive audio show and the GMVenture magazine. GMIndie’s list was, take a deep breath before you continue, long. A 250 page Game Maker eBook (not released) to start their free eBook series, the very long Game Maker’s Digest Magazine as well as the shorter GMIndie magazine, the redesigned-more-times-that-I-can-remember Game Maker Gazette blog not to mention their various radio shows, podcasts and the never seen “GMIndie TV”.

Despite having teams around them in both organisations the majority of work was done by just one or two people.  At GMVision this was Joshua and Jonathan and at GMIndie “Brian Fetcher”.


GMVision have been absent from the Game Maker world since their last show in May whereas GMIndie were still going strong until just a couple of months back.  If I had to place a bet on which group would close first my money would have been on GMVision because GMIndie have stuck to producing Game Maker related content pretty well until recently.

GMVision seemed to work at a more relaxed pace than GMIndie who appeared to be launching a new project every month or so.

There are also major personality differences between the people running both groups but I won’t go into that here!

Why the merge?

Writing earlier in the month on GMIndie’s Gazette “Brian” wrote that he was “way too busy with my career, upcoming constant traveling, college, family reunion, my wedding, and other complications this fall and holiday season”.

It is unclear what in the deal appeals to GMVision.

Gone and not forgotten?

GMIndie did manage to produce two very insightful podcasts which featured contributors from YoYo Games.  In the first CEO Sandy talked about future plans for Game Maker and the YoYo Games company, in the second Mike Dailly and Russell Kay spoke more in-depth about the current and future development of the Game Maker software.  Getting these required remarkable persistence which I know YoYo Games employees noticed only too well in their e-mail inboxes, Twitter feeds and on Skype.

It worked though and GMIndie certainly stuck  to producing output even if some of their projects changed.  When they were producing their enthusiasm could not be questioned.

What now

The GMIndie website is now offline and their multiple twitter accounts appear to be in the hands of GMVision.  We are yet to receive the promised results from the Game Maker survey though a new GMVision video should be released soon.

5 Replies to “GMVision takes over GMIndie”

  • Please remake this post. Many parts of it are false. Please check the gmindie website true information.
    You seem a bit too dedicated to being better than gmindie to give completely true info. Now I really do like your blog and you are pretty good at giving info. But please give more time into giving more precise info about your “competition” or do not write about them at all

    • “GMIndie has given a few of its projects to GMVision to avoid unnecessary project termination, and the rest of the projects have been deleted along with GMIndie.”
      If that’s not a take over I don’t know what is.

  • I think you’ll find I used to have a large input when GMVision was active!

    “Despite having teams around them in both organisations the majority of work was done by a single person. At GMVision this was Joshua and at GMIndie “Brian Fetcher”.”

    I feel very forgotten.

  • P.S. As far as I am aware the Survey had nothing to do with this, that (as well as this) was just a spur the moment thing that was thrown on me, but I have a lot planned to come out soon!

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