GMIndie Magazine Issue 9

What is apparently the “last long issue” of GMIndie (pdf) starts with some excuses for an apparently delayed release and some rather dismissive comments about critics of the magazine.

So I probably shouldn’t point out that some bewilderment may emerge from the Mother’s Day message given that it is celebrated on different dates around the world,  nor the repeated paragraph in an article entitled “What makes a good game”. Seriously though the proofreading has certainly improved since issue 8 so perhaps I shouldn’t be too mean towards what initially appears to be a “we don’t care what you think” attitude.

Reviews are included of the “beautifully built 3d racing game” Flying Scrap, Wuka World MMORPG, the Seige Wars castle defence game and Tetrex which is billed as a cross between Tetris and Breakout.

Also present is the second part of a Multiplayer Game tutorial which carries on from the previous issue.

Apparently the magazine will be replaced by a new short weekly publication although no information is given on the scheduled release date or what it will be called.

What do you think?

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  1. Broxter :Default Word Art looks terrible, you moron.

    Sorry, but there isn’t really enough time to create fonts for every issue. Really, there isn’t. So please kindly stop name calling and read the thing.


  2. Perfectly outlined text looks very nice. I suppose it does get old after a while.. But it doesn’t look terrible… Or else it wouldn’t be distributed through a Microsoft Office product.

    • No, WordArt looks very unprofessional. It’s a problem in this magazine because, not only is it completely abused, they don’t even use the same effect each time, so it looks awful AND inconsistent.

      None of the products that contain WordArt are graphic suites. It’s there so eight year olds with no further knowledge (maybe excluding that equally awful CoolText website) have something to pollute their Powerpoint presentations and school assignments with. It’s not for a group of teenagers (and possibly older, I don’t know) to put in an otherwise-decent publication to completely ruin it. Even block text would be an improvement.

  3. I would like to point out that this final version is a little bit different than what I designed. Here is the copy I gave to Brian:

    Some of the changes I do not think were for the best, although, please tell me if the buttons that link to other pages work, because that ugly blue text on the buttons was caused by Brian saying they supposedly did not work.

    ~Zargy, Producer for GMIndie.

  4. If Game Maker periodicals spent less time talking about how often they were going to publish, they wouldn’t need to open every issue with am apology about being delayed.

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