GMIndie’s World Domination Plan

GMIndie appear not to be content just hosting two live radio shows and releasing a magazine every week.  They plan to run a third radio show each week and to launch “GMIndie TV“.

Their site lists thirteen twelve members who aim to release “the best game maker entertainment”.  I think they mean media.

Why can’t they just concentrate on improving, or even just actually producing, their existing output?  Today’s episode of their radio show was cancelled (as was GMLive’s unrelated show last weekend) and the sixth issue of their magazine was not released at the weekend as it should have been.  We don’t need to be given similar content in audio, written and now video formats – one high quality platform would suffice.

The most successful Game Maker media outlet GMTech had just one product.

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  • Haha, you guys aren’t American, are you? I notice you mostly use the word “Irony” and when you use it, you can’t even use it properly. It reminds me of the teenagers these days. They say “this is gay” or “that is gay” when they don’t like something. But you, you say “this is irony”. What I get out of it is a good laugh at your attempt to butcher the English language. Getting a bigger vocabulary would help. Even name calling would improve your vocabulary (and I know it’s something 64Digits and it’s sister site GMB are best known for)… I’m out of here… This conversation has no conclusion…

  • @True Valhalla Wow…

    “Wow, Frederick. You just get stupider.”
    You know what broxter? this just got personal. Shut your mouth.

    “Irony indeed!”
    Let me guess… GMB attacks people and someone writes an article exposing them (not necessarily attacking them) and you call it Irony. ^^ Kids are funny. Really guys, go pick up a dictionary. I don’t see any hypocrisy in that article. Sorry. I just don’t…

  • @Jonathan @Frederick
    I already have Freds IP. From previous shows and when he registered on our site.

    Why was the article deleted from GMG? 🙁

  • I assume that their motivation is getting “fame” in the GM community rather than actually writing quality articles and producing quality shows, as I think is true with most projects like this in the GM community.

    If I were them I’d at least buy a domain.

  • Heh, regarding the GMGazette blog post, I love how the follow up comments prove the type of audience that their media attracts. But I guess if you write an article like that that’s all you’ll attract.

    Why are you questioning this as a personal attack over the other blog post, which is blatantly more obnoxious?

  • “This article is not a personal attack”
    Okay. But your title doesn’t make any sense. How is making a conference trying to take over the world? It’s not a show. It’s a meeting.

    That doesn’t benefit your blog at all… Calm down… You’re acting like Brandon. He freaks out ^^

    As his supposed supervisor… I’m really *sighs* tired of backing him up. Why doesn’t he post on GMB?

  • @Frederick Other than miscounting by one the number of GMIndie members, which I have now corrected since you bought it to my attention, please let me know what you disagree with in this article. This article is not a personal attack – it doesn’t even mention anyone by name (I notice my name appears 5 times on the current homepage of another blog which has nothing to do with me). I am simply expressing my frustration at GMIndie’s attempts to expand when there are still considerable improvements that could be made to their existing products.

    In this article did I say that the magazine was crap? No. Did I say that its creators were liars? No. Did I ask people how they could possibly be friends with the magazine staff? No. Did I say that the magazine staff were guilty of anything? No. Did I offer a prize to people prepared to point out “failures” on a rival site? No.

    It benefits this blog if there is a strong media scene as strong media means more quality releases that people will want to be informed about and discuss. I just don’t think that GMIndie launching two new services will result in two new top quality services.

  • “‘Quality Over Quantity’.”
    I think he’s trying… Maybe not as hard as he should… but that’s better than nothing I suppose..

    @True Valhalla one of my talks ^^ Just email him…

  • A couple minutes to edit and make changes *sighs* Now I have to make another post… Brilliant.

    Oh, before I forget to tell you… Someone won a copy of Game Maker 8 pro off of this article. ^^ I only spotted 3 errors. I included one in my last post. Here’s another:
    You say he has 13 members. There are 12.
    “Total Members: 12 (The newest member is samms)”… Pfft Are you even trying?

    Irony… ^^ Foreign…

  • I love the irony too 😀

    This just keeps getting better and better…and now I understand why Frederick is so biased and delusion.

    Don’t be a fool. I doubt you’ve ever talked to him. His only plan is to give you some entertainment and you’re treating him like garbage

    If his plan really was to do that, then I’m all for it, but let him know in your next ‘talk to him’ that the saying goes ‘Quality Over Quantity’.


  • I personally didn’t see any “bashing” what so ever in this article. To me, it looks more along the lines of – “why produce several items with time spread between them all, for a sub par output. When you can concentrate on fewer items with the same amount of time and get an overall greater result.”

    Quality over quantity, every time.

  • Whilst I don’t agree with the joy some GMC members take in the lacklustre success of GMIndie, I have to agree with the sentiment that this is an over ambitious concept. I’d hate to see someone make a large time investment in something mediocre when they could use that time more effectively by focussing on one GM Media stream.

  • Don’t be a fool. I doubt you’ve ever talked to him. His only plan is to give you some entertainment and you’re treating him like garbage. O__O I personally think it’s their business if they want to start up another show, or whatever they call that…

    EDIT: First reply… I wonder why…

  • Frederick :His only plan is to give you some entertainment and you’re treating him like garbage.

    I’ve worked with him, he is HOPELESS at organization and management. EVERYTHING is done over Skype, and some pseudo-emails.
    Phil is compleatly right. He needs to try and upgrade the quality of things, however, when I gave him advice to help things for the better, his reply was ‘I’m not changing anything’.

    He was talking to me about doing another two shows, and not even asking myself if I would like to contribute, merely telling me that I’d do it. Because I’m totaly going to wake up before 7am, twice a week to do a 15 minute audio show that only 3-5 people will ever listen to, that aren’t apart of the “company”, rather, poorly-put-together-into-a-‘team’-individuals.

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