Game Maker for Mac comes back

After December’s announcement that Game Maker 7 for Mac had been “delayed indefinitely” following the resignation of the the programmer responsible for building the IDE there was speculation on if and when the project would resume.

Work has now continued as the original programmer has agreed to continue working on the software alongside a new developer.  Sandy said “We should hopefully have a release candidate ready in a month or two”.

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  1. No conspiracy….I hadn’t even noticed the coincidence 🙁 We’ve persuaded the original guy to stay on and hired another dev…the guys are working really well together and most of the critical bugs look like they’ll be fixed in the next few weeks. Plan is to have a release candidate, not another beta. We’ll write something about this on the glog later this week.

  2. legocrazy1 :I’d say the true conspiracy deals with the coincidence that the iPad came out in the exact same day as the post…ha ha ha. Motivation maybe?

    Lol’d. This is good news for me. I don’t want to have to partition my drive to Windows again.

  3. “I read some more details about his resignation somewhere. I can’t recall where and don’t really want to go into it though.”


    A Game Maker news, rumour, editorial and speculation site, and you don’t want to get into it.

    C’mon Phil, release buddy, this is the kind of dirt that gets me up in the morning.

  4. Hopefully this doesn’t slowdown a PSP version. I still think the original mac developer left because of the logo, but since its changed now he decided to give it another try 😉

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