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Game Maker entries in GameJolt Contest

The deadline has passed for GameJolt’s Rogue-themed competition. Of the 15 games submitted 7 were created in Game Maker.  Other entries were made in Construct, Action Game Maker, Python, C# and Unity3D.  Here is a quick look at the Game Maker entries.

  • FKR4 by NAL – The idea here is that the game itself is the rogue.  And it succeeds.  The fourth instalment in the psychedelic Fantastic Kinetic Reflexes series spews lights, shape and colour and comes without explanation. If you work out how the point scoring system works please let me know!
  • Flood the Chamber by Scoz – A tricky platformer in which you must avoid obstacles to climb up away from rising water. There are a wide variety of spikes, lasers and saws that you must navigate past to prevent drowning. Based on Brian Rodriguez’s platform engine.
  • No Pants Pedro in Under Plunder by GameMold –  Platformer in which you must collect ‘sparklies’ in a castle whilst avoiding a painful death or capture.  A rather nice touch is that if you are apprehended  by a guard you are imprisoned in jail and your zipwire is confiscated.  To get back into the game you must evade the guards and escape your cell and can then continue the game.

  • Super Space Rogues by rotten_tater– A well illustrated story starts the game in which you must explore space, shoot asteroids and destroy enemies to collect $50,000 to replace the amount lost to space pirates.  An upgradeable ship and large universe mean you could easily spend a long time on this.
  • CopierAttack by MelonYoshi – Office rogue the photocopier is taking revenge on the workers in this fast paced platformer.  It does seem buggy though and I was unable to play for longer than a minute or capture a screenshot despite numerous attempts.
  • Stealth Hunter by Darshell – Top-down view zombie shooter in which I am for some reason reminded of Michael Schumacher every time one of these apparently sex-offending back from the dead beings latches on to the player.
  • The Spider Shmup by Future Bots inc – You are a spider living on a leaf.  Fire your silk at flies to catch them and eat them to get more silk.

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  1. It should also be noted that a GM game has only taken out top honours once. After playing Rowg and TowerClimb, I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens again.

    I see what Jack means, that instead of GM being the overwhelming majority it was just the majority. I think this was caused by Yoyo compo 5.

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