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Game Jolt Rogue Contest results are in

The results are in for the fourth Game Jolt contest, themed Rogue. Two of the three placing entries were created in Game Maker (the third in Construct). See previous blog entry listing all the Game Maker-made entrants.

Third place: Flood the Chamber by scoz
Created in: Game Maker
Current Total Plays/Downloads: 13,152
Current Public Rating: 4.0
Previous placements: None
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Second place: TowerClimb by Davioware
Created in: Construct
Current Total Plays/Downloads:  3200
Current Public Rating:  4.3
Previous placements: First place in Minimal Contest (with Spectrum Wing)
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First place: Super Space Rogues by rotten_tater
Created in: Game Maker
Current Total Plays/Downloads: 173
Current Public Rating: 4.8
Previous placements: Third place in Minimal Contest (with Fetus)
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With a total of 15 entries this was the worst turnout yet for a Game Jolt competition, though some of its entrants gained a large amount of publicity. Flood the Chamber, the third-place winner, was featured on sites including Destructoid and the Indie Games blog (hence its massive play count).

CROS, the administrator and runner of Game Jolt, has announced plans for an interim contest which will be held over a single weekend in February deemed most suitable for those likely to enter.

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