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Cactus Interview, Guardian Games Blog, Ubisoft Piracy

  • The Escapist Magazine recently published an interview with Game Maker user cactus. Jonatan talks about Mondo Agency, IGF finalist Tuning and the psychedelic theme of his games.
  • Keith Stuart made a post today in today’s Guardian Games Blog title “How to become an indie developer in eight steps. Developer Rob Fearon recommends Game Maker:

    Personally, I prefer Game Maker which is a whopping $25. Shoddy DRM and lack of regular updates aside, it’s an immense package.”
    -Rob Fearon, Guardian Games Blog

    A number of the developers mentioned in the article may be familiar to you.

  • Ubisoft recently revealed how they plan to combat piracy of their titles in the future – by requiring users to create an online account which they can then use to download purchased games on any computer. Something similar for Game Maker someday?

What do you think?

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  1. I am game lover now but read the article I know th ubisoft is really good & now I am using game maker. So I wanna download the after creating account if its really good then I will inform to my other friend about this. Thank you for sharing this good article.

  2. Er… You *may* want to look at the Ubisoft forums before you talk about how good this could be. A lot of people are pretty angry about this new idea of DRM.

    I personally wouldn’t mind that much, but a lot of their points are valid. Just sayin’.

  3. @T-Dub
    Steam still has an offline mode. I’m not happy with Ubisoft’s proposed DRM, it just gets in the way, and STILL doesn’t fix the problem that pirated copies will be superior copies. At least Steam provides a complete service (thus making the games bought on there the superior copies).

  4. I think what Ubisoft is doing is the way of the future. Someday, there will be internet everywhere, and there will be no excuse for needing an offline mode for anything. That’s just my guess, though.

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