GMIndie Magazine Issue 6

GMIndie have released the sixth issue (1.72MB pdf) of their Game Maker magazine and have announced that they are switching from a weekly to a fortnightly release schedule “if we don’t decide to discontinue the magazine”.

The introduction section of the magazine also reveals that the publication is apparently editorless yet this is the best issue so far.

The main review is of the YoYo Games featured Time Still, also present are short reviews of Prototyping the Invaders, Sludge, Wheels of Imagination 2 and Myths.

NAL is the interviewee in a segment which has much improved from the previous release.  He provides information on the games development projects he is currently working on and passes on some game making advice.

Although designer Matt Haigh left the magazine after just one issue the improved two-column layout has been retained and aside from some mysterious background image selections this release is very well presented.

Finally I believe I can look forward to the next issue without expecting to find something wrong.  The reviews could be a little longer – I wouldn’t mind if less games were featured – but overall a very well done issue.

Download GMIndie Magazine Issue 6

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  1. I’m part of the gmindie team and I receive emails… He sends them to all of the gmindie team days ahead of schedule. I think you’re lying or it’s time to move on from and get a real email… GMail. GMail has a simple system yet provides everything I need… It’s reliable too. I’ve never missed a message yet. 😉

    EDIT: I saw a screenshot of the emails he sent you. That’s how I know what service you’re using O_O

  2. Hmm, it would seem that my ideas have flown into this issue then.

    I actually laughed when I read “I am pleased that the GMIndie team has responded so quickly to my emails and stopped this delay in the magazine production. Apparently last week the magazine was put on hold due to conflict between the designerand one of our writers. So sorry!” —Brian
    1. I was more an editor than everything else, you just denied me of that label.
    2. It was directly at you, no one else.
    3. Don’t try and patranise me, especially in a publication, it’s pathetic. You didn’t send an email. 🙂

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