Recently Featured: Xenon, Not-So-Massive Action Game

Xenon by *iRhymeWithRawr*


Xenon is an arcade-style scrolling shooter in which you control a little ship faced with massive, uniquely-designed, enemies. The aim is simple – to destroy said enemies before they destroy you.

Xenon is easy on the eyes with simple yet slick graphics. The effects also look great when faced with a big enemy and although some look like the in-built GM effects, they are used well.

It’s a really enjoyable game and if you’re in to insanely frustrating levels then Xenon is the game for you!

However, one thing that did bug me a little was that you only got to see your highest score – previous scores to that just disappear.  Other than that, really good for killing time.

Not-So-Massive Action Game by Killerbon

Not-So-Massive Action Game
Not-So-Massive Action Game

Not-So-Massive Action Game (NSMAG) is a arcade style platform-based shooter. In game you have a choice of two modes, survival and challenge. Survival places you on a map of your choice faced by waves of enemies. You must kill as many enemies as possible to get the highest score you can, before your pretty gruesome death.
In Challenge mode however, you must try survive the never-ending supply of enemies for 2 minutes – easier said than done, trust me!

The graphics in NSMAG are pretty good, although when viewed in full-screen look pretty pixely. Game-play is the real core of this game. You have many different weapon upgrades at your disposal and also have a pretty unique grappling hook to confuse your enemies with.

The weapon choices, along with online high-scores, make this game pretty damn addictive. Also this game makes a great 2 player action game whereby you take on the same challenges but with the comfort of knowing that your buddy is getting creamed just as much as you are!

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  • Hey, thanks for featuring NSMAG! 🙂 I’m going to release a new version of it soon.

    BTW, I believe there’s 8 challenges in the current version. (10 in the next update) It seems you thought there was only 1. :3

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