Game Maker TV Episode 6

GMTV logoThe Game Maker TV videocast has released its 6th full-length episode.

Topics covered include a round up of Game Maker news, a review of Zuwaka and a rather amusing countdown of Game Maker fails (the #1 position is likely to be controversial unless you are tuntis).

Self-promotion disclaimer: I make an appearance (well my voice does) in this episode.

What do you think?

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  1. Oooh! Good episode! Certainly a considerable improvement, a few technical issues and the interview was kinda awkward, I dont know if anything can be done about that though. Maybe if you can make the interview live while recording the show or something, it’d be better.

    Either way, good job. I like the new settings, and the improved effects and layout. The news section was particularly impressive (good job, Brad, on that).

  2. “There are several, minor, flaws in this episode. Many of which are unnoticeable after a first viewing. However, within the week we will be correcting these minor flaws in hopes to improve this episode.


    Instead of re-editing this episode, I’d prefer you to devote the time and effort into the next episode. Yes, this one isn’t perfect, but to me, the time between episodes is the bigget area of improvement.

    This one is in the can, move on, get a haircut, and start on the next episode.

  3. Surely I am more interesting than the background music, no? Not sure it fits in too well.

    A very good episode. The best game maker video show so far and the first game review in one of these that has actually made me want to go out of my way to play the game featured.

    The question thing at the end was hard to see. Firstly it was distracting having it show alongside scrolling credits and second it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the show? I had to pause it and go back to read what it said and still felt dizzy afterwards.

    If you can release a show of this quality on a monthly basis it would be superb. It didn’t try to be too professional, it didn’t try to be too funny, it hit the right mark and I believe it will be well received (apart from the interview with the guy at the end who I couldn’t hear and mumbled on about somethingorother).

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