Game Maker TV Episode 7

The seventh full episode of Game Maker TV has today been released.

Cobwebs and a pumpkin have invaded Dan’s garage as the Halloween special episode takes a look at the Top Five horror games made in Game Maker and reviews a Zombie game as well as providing a run down of community news.

Regarding a comment made by Joshua Pedroza within the episode – Game Maker 8 does not have Mac support. As far as I know Game Maker 8 and Game Maker 7 for Mac are different products.

What are your thoughts?

See also: September’s episode 6

What do you think?

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  1. I think it was quite nicely done on the review part 🙂 But camera cuts can be improve to flow better, alittle abrupt for some cuts. Voice have too much echo though in the room 🙂 Overall nicely done up.


  2. You didn’t see very much then.

    KC LC: “That was terrible — mainly because of the “fail” section. It’s one thing to poke good-natured fun at other mags or blogs. But getting laughs by ridiculing another member with personal attacks is just childish. That’s playground crap.”

    MMORPGguy: “I thought you could come up with something better than HCG for #1.”

    scoz: “I don’t really think he needed to be publicly shamed.”

    danman: “My only criticism is that maybe your #1 fail of that guy was probably a little harsh.”

    Cchhaaiinnssaaww: “man, you were too harsh on hardcoregamer!”

    Desert Dog: “I think you shouldn’t have done such direct, personal attacks. […] he basically tried to have a laugh at Nate, only he tried to do it as publicly as possible. Cheap. […] No, I don’t think this sort of material belongs on this forum.”

    Me: “I felt the “Top 5 fails” was, at times, a little bit cruel (especially with Hardcoregamer)”

    All taken from GMC, found pretty easily in the GM TV topic by going through the last three pages of posts.

  3. Best episode yet. Didn’t personally like the visual effects and the fonts and stuff, but yeah.

    I think Dan talked in the most listenable style hes has yet to offer, but some of the jokes just didn’t sound right for me.

    Overall, though, I think it’s a long way off the professionalism and quality found in ByteJacker…

  4. Wow! A Major improvement over the previous episodes! The special effects/section effects were great!
    NAL has some really good points, couldn’t agree more.
    One of the first times I have come even close to watching a full episode of a GM show.
    (I didn’t watch the news section.)
    Loved the light humor! (I’m a professional zombie killer? Loved it! For those that are blind? I was ROFL at that one) That’s what I’ve been trying to tell all of these GM shows. Lighten up! Really great stuff! Keep that going!

    For suggestions, try to get a label microphone. Would really help the audio. I’ll end my suggestions with that, for now.

  5. Great episode, Dan. My only suggestion is to make future episodes TV safe, meaning don’t put important information like text near the overscan areas where they may not be seen on some televisions. If you are going to call it TV, you might as well make it TV.

  6. “What happened to the top 5 fails?” There was a different top five in this, so there was no need to retread it, and it got a lot of negative responses.

    Loved the professionalism throughout, loved the format, loved the set, loved the fact this didn’t seem like it was released half a year later than the last episode, and particularly loved the grown-up, calm way you spoke about Tailware. If I had to say anything critical, it would be that I’d’ve liked to see more than one review, but that’s an extremely minor point. Fantastic episode.

  7. “There was a different top five in this, so there was no need to retread it, and it got a lot of negative responses”
    I think we already knew there was a different top five in this. The only negative responses I saw from the last episode were from hardcoregamer O__O

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