A Quick Look at KwikLook

After ceasing publication of GMWeekly and its return as KwikLook Darren Poole turned his attention to a blog focusing on spotlighting Game Maker creations.  The website which now contains more than 50 posts has been online for nearly three months and has received “over 1500 (non-unique) hits”.

Darren Poole's Kwiklook Game Maker games blog
The Kwiklook Game Maker games blog

The KwikLook blog is regularly updated and is a great place to go when you are at a loose end and want to find a fun game to play for five or ten minutes.

Rather than offering full length reviews, that so many try and fail to offer, the main content is an description of the game and an explanation as to what you need to do mixed with Darren’s opinion on its quality.  There are also occasional pieces taking a look at the websites of Game Maker users.

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