GMVision’s The Game Maker Show: Episode 2

GMVision is watching hammers just like big brother

GMVision have put their second Game Maker video show online (watch it below).

Apparently Joshua is suffering from a transparency condition which as we all should know is caused by licking the yogurt from the foil tops of opened pots (Theme Hospital anyone?)

Missed the launch of GMVision? Watch the first episode and read 31 comments about it.

The show begins with an long and fancy introduction sequence during which a Game Maker logo is constructed. Although they managed to keep Tor sober the replacement newsreader, main host Joshua Pedroza, has his inner cogs showing for most the episode. I am told a fixed version will be uploaded later in the week. Perhaps this updated version will also include the promised interview with GMC member sneakyllama which is embarrassingly absent from a segment with Jonathan Martin and is replaced by an apologetic message.

Connor Wilkins presents an informative section on the third Game Maker Mac beta looking at what should be improved before its full release.

The games reviewed are Fossil Tycoon: Arctic Expedition (sadly drowned out by ambient music) and a 3D shooter Stickman: The Legend.

The Deathmatch doesn’t compare games but instead looks at different features of the various “Instant Play” alternatives but omits browser compatibility as a category.

Thankfully Josh’s symptoms appear to have vanished by the end of the episode. $800 well spent at the Pharmacy (TH reference).

What do you think?

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  1. By the way, your rating on download speeds is very unhelpful. It would do us more good if you got a comp with a slow internet connection, then checked how long a game took to load (or if you just loaded a very large game). If you have a minute + loading time for each site, it would make it more clear which site is better in the long run (though it could possibly depend on your location in the world).

  2. If you’re using lighting, green screen, etc., I think you should be able to handle getting a decent mic. Right now one of the main reasons why Connor’s section is so easy to listen to is that we can actually hear him easily, and we don’t get any of the echo from the room. If you can at least get a mic that only gets sound from you (not the room), or perhaps if you just get a more padded room and move closer to the mic, that would help a ton. If you can make your sections sound as close as Connor’s section, that is ideal.

    As for the cool/casual thing, I actually like the original you better – whether you appear to “happy” or not, it’s very engaging to listen to you talk so actively like that. I think I’d also like it a bit better if there was a bit of humor involved – people respond better to stuff that’s funny, no matter who’s saying it.

    Good stuff! Keep it up!

  3. Personally, I wish you would cut news out of it. Lets face it, by the time the episode comes out the news is long dead. That’s one of the things that drags the episode along and is so boring. Most people get their news from websites such as this one and have already heard the news.

    I don’t think anyone had a problem with Tor, we had more of a problem with her Captain Jack Sparrow act. 😉 (jk) (By the way, I understand that it is hard to act natural on camera, I blink to much when I’m being filmed)

    I’ll agree, it’s a fine line between happy and serious. Casual is what you should shoot for and it’s pretty hard to get. Might I mention bytejacker again or would you not like that? 😀

    Also, (minor complaint here) try finding a location to film in. (An overcast day works nicely supposedly) It doesn’t have to be a fancy-(kinda-lame)-basement-dark-and-creepy place *cough*GMTV*cough* It can be outside, film on a gym set, in a park. I will mention bytejacker here simply as a reference to how many different places you can film a show. If you do the show casual enough, it’s ok if people are walking by in the background. bytejacker has filmed on a subway, in a park on a slightly rainy day (he held an umbrella), on a roof, in line for an outside burger joint, and simply sitting on a couch in his house. A digital background ends up making the person pop out more. You have to have the person lit very well to put them in a digital background. You may find this series of articles helpful.
    Make sure to read it all, it has some very good pointers throughout.

    ….And that was much to long of a post.

  4. @Elmernite
    Perhaps we should ditch the news, as it Can get a bit dull.
    I will pass the message along to “Tor” that she is wanted back 😉

    Naw, bytejacker is fine 😛 I will try to be a Bit more casual next time. We kind of like our greenscreening 😛 It gives us the freedom to snip off our “long intro scene” by having the introscene be the BG then I fade out. I will, however, get the lighting to match more, so that I am not one color, and everything else looks different.
    lol, I loved that. “*cough*GMTV*cough*”
    Yes, it has excellent pointers 🙂
    I use a tripod, and a studio “lighting” set/kit, I got off ebay. I also use a green screen that I “won” from scorptek’s Monthly Prizes.
    (@Phil, I hope you don’t mind our discussion ;))

  5. Without trying to be insulting, “everything” comes to mind in answer to your question.
    The intro, while cool, was a hair long.
    Surprised Tor didn’t come back, or did I skip her scene? I thought for sure she would come back.
    Why wasn’t the lead up into the interview removed?
    The ghosting thing was fairly annoying.
    On a few occasions you cut off the last section of a sentence when going to the next part of the show.
    Joshua lack enthusiasm. Seemed like he was trying too hard to sound cool.
    Connor Wilkins voice was great! even if he did stumble over the lines somewhat. His section was a bright side to the show.
    The game reviews seemed to dwell on insignificant little bugs rather than give an overview of the game play.
    The show is simply written to long. Seems to waste time on trivial nothingness. The comparison of instant plays was great but far to long. You could get almost all of the info into a much shorter time slot.

    After watching some of the first episode I thought the show really had a chance of rapidly becoming the best. However, the second show, while fixing some of the first ones mistakes, brings up a whole slew of it’s own. It is by no means bad. Just after coming off of such a good start show, it was a little disappointing. Mostly it’s my fault for having such high hopes for it.

  6. @Elmernite
    I am going to shorten the intro a might, so don’t worry ’bout that 😉
    She is thinking of coming back for episode #3, she didn’t come back for episode #2, cause she thought people did not like her 😛

    The “lead” up to the interview was not removed, because we are still planning on having the interview, we hope that sneekyllama will be able to get the videos in.

    I felt that last episode (see the first 5 seconds) I was Waaaay too “happy”, so I tried to sober it up a bit, and try to be more professional, perhaps I should try to be more casual?

    Hmmmm, well, I am going to see if I can get Connor to help with All the scripts, as people seem to like his style very much.

    I had originally wanted this show to be about 15 minutes, I was really cutting back to make it short, instead I succeed in making it over a minute longer then the last one! BUT, this next episode, I have a few other ideas to make it even shorter, by at least a few minutes.

    Hey, never give up hope, We take each comment seriously, and with everyones support, we may some day meet that expectation.


  7. Ehhh, there is a lot of flaws in this video. Your intro was very long, actually everything in this video was longer than it should have been. I often found my self skipping ahead a bit (especially for the GM Mac bit) it’s hard to be interested when it’s so long, and you are so monotone. I also did not like how you didn’t rate on a star or points rating system, the “Poor, Good, Excellent, etc.” was just confusing and annoying.

  8. Yeah, I took some “untransparency medicine” before I filmed the last part.
    Anyways, the Intro sequence had a few problems, and the full on will be edited in in the final version. Additionally, we will try our best to get the video interview, but it is hard to communicate with someone who promises something, but then says its not at the top of his list, and he’s busy, and he’s busy, and he’s busy. 😛

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