GMIndie Issue 2

The second issue of GMIndie has been released (direct pdf link).

The design has been completely transformed away from the mysterious two column format used in the first issue and the news section has been scrapped.

Included are short reviews of a couple of snowy themed games, an interview with GMC user foxinabox and a countdown of 3DPursuit‘s top 9 Game Maker games of the year.

What do you think?

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  1. @James Rhodes
    Nice idea. 😛

    Overall, I much preferred reading this – I nearly even enjoyed reading it. I could actually read what seemed to be some decent content (ignoring the incredulously chosen 9 games of 2009). There’s still a ton of room for improvement, but I think people should get behind this production (which people appear to be doing, actually).

    Bring on Issue 3, I say.

  2. Some constructive criticism:

    – Foxinabox seemed to lack proper use of English. They should either have told him to write out his answers correctly or corrected them, as it seems very unprofessional.
    – Some obscure choices for the best GM games of 2009 in my opinion. Iji and Spelunky completely ignored while certain other games (and yes, I’m including my misspelt own in this group) managed to place
    – The title page was odd at best. For something so short they really should’ve kept with what they did in Issue 1 and kept the title as a small header on the first page.
    – The layout wasn’t at all magazine-or-newsletter-y.

    And some positive feedback:

    – Although the layout was unprofessional, it was readable. None of the content was jumbled.
    – The content was better than Issue 1. This may just have been that it did away with articles, which were on pointless subjects before, but it was noticeable.

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