2009: Most popular GameMaker Blog Articles

Five most read articles in 2009:

  • For a time in 2007 YoYo Games were hosting a Game Maker 7 Pro crack in their resources section.  Despite being notified of its existence it remained online for at least a month.
  • Scirra’s Construct is an open source free game development tool.  In January I spoke with one of the people behind the project and tried out the software for the first time. In this post I detailed five areas in which Construct was superior to Game Maker. Lots of traffic from StumbledUpon to this one.
  • Game Maker 8 second Beta released
  • Game Maker 8 second Release Candidate
  • We revealed four of the final designs in the competition to design a new logo for Game Maker 8.  Alongside the logos was a poll to get the communities opinion.  After more than 550 votes YoYo Games announced the winning design – which had come last place in the poll.

Positions 3 to 12 in the most viewed posts list all went to articles relating in some way to the release of Game Maker 8 -be it beta versions, feature lists or something related to the new logo and its rapid replacement.

What were your favourite articles of the year and what do you want to see more or less of next year?

What do you think?

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  1. Interesting. I noticed the high traffic to the Construct page and looked up where it was all coming from too xD

    Unforutnately I’ve only been frequenting the blog for the last half of the year, but if I was to offer improvements:
    -More reviews. I quite like NAL’s reviews. More during slow times would be good to maintain interest and traffic.
    -More on Game Maker games that have gotten exposure outside of the Community.
    -More competition coverage. I’m interested in even the non-GM specific comps as they also attract GM users.

    Those would improve the site a lot for me =)

    Either, it’s been go so far so I will stick with GMB for next year!

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