Game Maker 8 Features Listed: Resource Exporter Included

Mark Overmars has posted on the YoYo Games blog with a preliminary list of features that are planned to be included in Game Maker 8.

We already knew about the improved image editor with support for alpha transparency, the new bundled resources that YoYo were seeking artists for and GMB had speculated about an object exporter to aid collaboration – today Mark announced a feature that would enable users to import and export  resources to make it “a lot easier to collaborate on games”.

The remainder of the additions are listed below:

Collision checking option
Collision checking options for sprites have changed. You can now e.g. indicate whether sub-images should all have the same or different collision masks. Also you can increase and reduce the mask and use a disk as a mask.

Splash screens that show web sites and html documents
You can now show splash screens in the game that show a website or a local html file. In this way you can incorporate for example very nice help pages in your game. There are new actions to support this. Also splash screens got some additional options.

Time lines
Time lines have been enhanced. They can for example be paused and they can even play backwards.

Trigger events
These are a new type of event that you can define yourself and then use in your objects. For example, you can define events that happen when an object gets close to another object, or when you press a combination of keys, or when you reached a particular score, etc.

A new script/code editor
The built-in script/code editor has been completely rewritten, making it a lot easier to write code. For example there is pop-up function name completion, argument help, matching brackets, improved color coding, line numbers, on-the-fly error checking, and a sophisticated find and replace functionality.

Smaller changes
Some smaller changes include: Game Maker news shown in the program, much faster loading times (also when starting games), better encryption of executables, constant definition in a separate form, and some visual improvements. Also a number of bugs have been corrected.

– Mark Overmars, YoYo Games blog

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