Game Maker 8 Public Beta Released

When on Sunday we revealed that a beta of Game Maker 8 was “not far away” little did we know just how soon it would emerge.

Earlier today Mark Overmars posted details of how to obtain a copy of Game Maker 8 beta on the YoYo Games blog.  To receive a copy of the beta you will need to register here which also gives you access to the bug reporting facility.

You can download the first beta of Game Maker 8 here.  (YYG no longer host).

Features that will only be included in the Pro version are present but documentation states that the beta “will stop working at the end of August 2009.  The same applies to all games created with this beta version.”  Hopefully YoYo Games have put steps in action to ensure that this can not be abused.

Details on the new features included in Game Maker 8 can be found here.

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