Unofficial fix for YoYo Games’ InstantPlay in Firefox 3.5

Earlier today Mozilla released version 3.5 of Firefox. As I write YoYo Games instant play is not compatible with this version due to the ‘maxVersion‘ value YYG have placed within the plugin.

The Mozilla Developer Center states in its documentation:

“minVersion and maxVersion should specify the range of versions of the application you have tested with. In particular you should never specify a maxVersion that is larger than the currently available version of the application since you do not know what API and UI changes are just around the corner. With compatibility updating it is not necessary to release a whole new version of the extension just to increase its maxVersion.”

Therefore YoYo Games followed the advice provided when choosing their maxVersion value.

When version 3 of FireFox was released it took almost a month for YoYo Games to release an official solution.  A similar problem occurred when Firefox 3.0.1 was released and Chronic quickly provided a solution.  If you follow that solution and set maxValue to “3.*” the plugin functions in Firefox version 3.5.

You can download a pre-modified version of the extension here.

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