GMIndie Magazine Releases First Issue

We haven’t seen as many magazine launches, or indeed magazine issues at all, this year compared to 2008.  Brian Fetcher’s GMIndie left it late in the year to release with their first issue (direct pdf link) coming out yesterday.

The magazine, which claims it will come out weekly, has a strange layout.  Two columns is simple enough but the left column of page one leads into the left column on page two rather than the second column on the same page?  You will see what I mean if you try to read the magazine.

Contentwise there are a couple of short game reviews, a few paragraphs of news and an interview with Joshua Pedroza.  In a typo-ridden article George Ortiz also reveals a commercial game strategy which “is guaranteed to make more money than the money made off of selling the executable game.”  I expect he has made millions from it.

The obvious test now is to see whether an improved second issue is released next week.

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  • Philip Gamble :
    @F But I have yet to see a domain name with a space in it.

    That would be something, wouldn’t it? 😛

    @James Rhodes Thought you were talking about title, not address. So yeah. I see what you mean.

  • I am talking about the title. In the magazine it’s spelt RocketGames and right underneath that the address is linked as

    What I mean is: If the web address is, why would you spell it RocketGames? I can understand people doing that when they aren’t linking to the site, but when you write the web address correctly right underneath where you’ve put RocketGames… well, that’s just being lazy.

  • That doesn’t make any sense. What about “YoYoGames” and “YoYo Games”. You expect people to know the difference? You need to tell them. It’s not obvious.

  • @F: The difference there is one version lacks a space and the other does not. That is not as significant as when people add in the c.

    YoYoGames YoYo Games
    RoketGames RocketGames

    See how the addition of a c is much more significant than the addition of a space? There could be another gaming site called RocketGames as well as RoketGames, whereas the space makes no difference in the name of the site.

  • HAHAAHAHAHA Good one F. I’m sure Carniac was so unexited about being interviewed that he didn’t pay attention to a detail like where his interview would be put out.

  • Odd.. The layout changed.. Caniac, I doubt Brian would do something like that without telling you. Maybe you weren’t paying attention.

  • The content was junk.

    The GM News section was just silly. Why “magazines” continue to rehash the same old news content, that virtually all their readers already know is silly.

    The sellingyour game article was complete non-sense. “Sell your game in front of petstores”.


  • I wish people would stop misspelling RoketGames. I mean, the web address is clearly and all the references I make to it are spelling RoketGames, so why would you spell it Rocket Games?

    I know that people sometimes think it’s a spelling mistake, but come on – they wrote the URL right below where they said “Rocket Games”. It’s really not hard to double-check…

  • Ah, I love Times New Roman. And I love that stupid layout. I also love the lack of a front cover. I love typos. Most of all, I love that this is not going to be released on a weekly basis.

  • Comment on my interview: I was told that it would be BROADCAST live on their radio show this weekend, I did not know it was for their dumb magazine.

  • That is one bizarre layout. If I was going to approach it I think the best way would be to simply print out the four pages, separate the articles with a pair of scissors and read them like that. Should probably be considered a newsletter, not a magazine, unless they’re going to expand it (doubtful if it’s going to be weekly).

    Still, I’ve seen a lot worse. In general, apart from the article you mentioned, it seemed pretty well written.

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