Game Maker TV “Cancelled”

Dan Eggers’ Game Maker TV, which released its first video back in 2007, has cancelled work on producing future episodes of the online video show.

Earlier in the week their hosting account expired and now the cancellation has been made official – put down to “a loss of interest” by the shows creators Brad (Revel) and Danny. Refreshing to see they are honest about that.

There were several deciding factors that caused this but mainly the reasoning was that creating these episodes was far too much time consuming work for a two man team consisting of Brad and myself. The chances of us picking up production vary depending on if we would ever be able to build up a bigger team. if interested you can PM me or Brad (Revel) so we can keep you in mind when/if we ever begin production again. The Game Maker community was very supportive of Game Maker TV and we thank you for that however, the Game Maker Community has been having a decrease in popularity in the past few years, this is not news to many but until we see an increase in community attendance we will not begin producing more episodes. Likely with the release of GM8 this increase will be seen, so we will determine our status there.
-Dan Eggers

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  1. @Jonathan *sigh* That’s because your a key developer at GMVision. 🙂

    Personally I’m sad to see GMTV go. It was my favorite GM…well, TV.

    It will be interesting to see if I can get my act together and do something to give GMVision a little compatition. 😉

  2. YYG really needs to do something about the GM community in general. It’s DEAD. I think GM8’s release might help a little, but they really need to get their act together and make people excited about Game Maker again.

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