New Magazine: Game Maker Development Insight

A new magazine titled “Game Maker Development Insight” was published and posted on the Game Maker Community today featuring 23 pages containing interviews and tutorials. The magazine appears to be ran only by PokemonSilverCrystal, LarsonCreativity and Wombat. The magazine is based off of PokemonSilverCrystal’s GM Interviews which was released back in February.

After opening the pdf there sat a simple gradient filling the whole page and a large title: “GMDI
MAGAZINE” which looked like it was typed in a font similar to arial. After scrolling down, there was a page number on the title page. Magazines don’t usually start page numbering until the first page of content. After scrolling down once again to the actual text, there was a page covered in a large (simple) font that covered almost the whole page with no margins or any formatting at all. So far the magazine was not too great visually.

Now for the content! The magazine started out with a nice table of contents so you can quickly find what you are looking for, or simply see what the magazine has to offer. Most of the content seemed to be responses from other people regarding an interview however the tutorials were well written and easy to understand. This magazine did not seem to be aiming at professionalism with things like “Hooray!” and “I learned it that way.” in the tutorials. However these comments can sometimes make learning easier.

In conclusion, the magazine looks like its off to a good start but could use a major graphic/layout overhaul. This magazine is a great read if you like to look behind the scenes of teams, pixel artists and more!

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