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As of  today the idea pitched by grimmjow on April 17th, has taken course as the very first Game Maker Community Game has been started.

“The Game Maker Community Game (GMCG) is a game created together by the community, hence the name. It was sparked by some interest in a community topic: A GMC compiled game and from there on became reality.”

The positions that are needed include:

– Pixel artist
– Concept artist
– Graphics artist (i.e. banners/logos)

– Core programmers: Handle the foundation code
– Developing programmmers: Develop the code (i.e. for an RPG add more quests and NPCs)
– Finesse programmers: Ensure all the code is well written and that no lag is created by the code

– General Composers
Testers – A reasonable skill and experience
– General testers
Designers – A reasonable skill and experience
– Framework Designers
– Idea and story designers

If you are interested please visit the other forums (which are under construction)

Thus far the only thing to have been discussed is a basic plot outline. However, most of the comments have done nothing to have a contribution to the subject. I don’t know if I can see the idea of a community game taking off, especially with the decrease in activity within the Game Maker universe. What do you think?

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What do you think?

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  1. @NAL

    I have to agree, but not for the expected reasons. The project is moving too fast, it’s going to self destruct in a wonderful cataclysm of in fighting and half baked concepts. The plot and story forum really needs time to percolate, and let the good ideas flow.

    That said, it would make me SO happy to see this work. I just can’t help being jaded and cynical.

  2. Sounds interesting, but these projects never tend to work unless they are very organized, and I’m not sure if the GMC is all that organized, in terms of its members.

    It would be really great if it did turn out well, though. Hope it goes well for them – I personally will not be participating this time around.

  3. Danny :
    If I were apart of YoYo Games I’d prefer to draw the older members ‘togethar’.

    Can’t really criticise somebody’s spelling in the same post as using “apart” where you should’ve used “a part”, can you?

    The idea is alright, but it’ll never work.

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