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Game Maker users come from all around the worldIf you are not from a country where the predominantly spoken language is English you may prefer to visit an unofficial localised Game Maker forum.  About a year ago I wrote a post listing the membership numbers of various Game Maker websites and I included a section on none-English forums.

As that is now a little out of date and because I have come across more forums I have decided to create a new list.  Since last year the Nederlandse Game Maker Community has more than doubled in size, new forums have been added to the list, some forums have seen a decrease in membership and some (Japanese) are currently down for maintenance.

If you know of any foreign language game maker forums that are not listed below please post them in the comments so they can be added to the list. 

Nederlandse Game Maker Community  – 7,000 members (has doubled in a year).
(Game Maker Off Topic – 600 members)

Comunidad GM – 6,500 members

Polish/Język Polski
Game Maker Polska – 4,800 members

Czech and Slovak/Ceský Jazyk and Slovenský Jazyk
Velkej Chytrak – 2,300 members

Russian/Русский язык
GM-Rus – 1,200 members
Форум ‘Russian Game Maker’ – 600 members
Red System Game Maker Community – 400 members
HellRoom forum – 200 members

Game Maker Domäne – 1,600 members

Game Maker Zone – 1,500 members
Forum CBNA – 1,300 members

Game Maker Brasil – 800 members

Bulgarian/Bălgarski Ezik
GMCommunity – Bulgari – 600 members

Estonian/Eesti Keel
DM Gamez – 600 members

Game Maker Suomi – 500 members

Magyar Verzió hivatalos fóruma – 400 members

Varg42 – 400 members

Game Maker Turkiye – 250 members

GameMaker Italia – 100 members

Game Maker Japan – currently offline due to maintenance/hacking

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