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Move over 64Digits, there is a new site in town!

GameCOG is a new community website that has been created to provide game developers, designers and enthusiasts, an active environment to create and design, develop and discuss their game ideas and projects.

Although it has just had its first public release, it is going strong with a good amount of members joining each day and they have already announced their first competition – The GameCOG Jam;

GameCOG Jam

GameCOG is [very] proud to announce its first GameCOG Jam.  Over a period of 1 week, participating GameCOGGERS will be given the opportunity to devote their free game dev time to one project with a small team.  At the end of the week, games will be presented, and after a brief judging period, winners will be announced.


First prize: Full game review and primary focus of front page of GameCOG + Badge
Second and Third Prize:  Short game review and secondary focuses of front page of GameCOG + Badge
Other contestants: Short game review on request and link to game on front page + Participant Badge

What do you think of this new website, do you think it can surpass 64Digits, that returned earlier this month or would it go the way of some other websites such as SnowMoon and Game Maker Central? Post your thoughts and comments below.

What do you think?

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  1. I always get a weird feeling when paragraphs of my writing are quoted: it makes me wish I’d spent just a little bit more time getting my point across better. 🙂

    As Drazzke said, the site, while up and running, is still largely consisting of those we consider to be beta testers for us. All the core features are there, but the site isn’t perfect. Hopefully the GameCOG Jam encourage more usage of the GameCOG site.

  2. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘\\” at line 1

    That sounds bad :/

    I was thinking of having a hack-week before the official release of RoketGames, where selected members would be asked to find injection points and test the security (I’ve been pretty strict with security, but I may have missed something).

  3. Well as I did write it has just had its first release, surely you shouldn’t release something into the public unless you are happy with it. So, if it is out in the public domain then I will blog about it, if it was still under private testing (as it was previously) then I wouldn’t have bothered.

  4. @tuntis
    Technically, it’s the host I’m currently at. I’m switching later this week. There’s something wrong with the hosts nameservers, and therefor my domain wont hide the original link.

    Also, the website still has bugs. I released it, true, but I’m not expecting it to be clean of errors. I still have things to fix and add.

    Thank you for the blog post about it. I appreciate it.

  5. Yeah, a website that can’t even bother to configure their domain properly instead of redirecting it to a subdomain at a hosting company sounds very promising!

    Also, just to make sure to potentially compromise our security, let’s output SQL errors to the general public:

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