YoYo Games plan to port Game Maker to mobiles

YoYo Games CEO Sandy Duncan has reiterated his intention to enable Game Maker games to be played on mobile phones in the future.

Just over a  year ago he announced “Our vision is for Game Maker games to be running on non PC platforms such as phones, portable devices and Consoles“.¹  Today in response to a question stc043 posed on Twitter he said that there are plans but not currently a schedule for this feature.  This suggests an introduction in Game Maker 8, scheduled to be released by the end of the year, is unlikely.

The popularity of Apple’s iPhone appstore may be an important contributing factor to this decision with the total number of application downloads to date soon to hit 1,000,000,000.  Previously Sandy has said² that the release of an SDK for the iPhone provided YoYo Games with “lots of motivation to get on with having the runner ported to C++“.


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  1. I think that Apple still can’t stop ports of Game Maker games. The games would still have to go through the iPhone SDK and submission process. By “direct” it most likely means ported and submitted rather than directly published. That doesn’t violate Apple policy. After all, its essentially the same as writing code in Notepad and pasting into iPhone SDK.

  2. The last 3 comments stating it won’t happen don’t make much sense. They may have focused on the iPhone in the post but notice that it says “Phones, portable devices, and handhelds” which means they might even make it for the DS. What i would love is a free psp version that I can put on the pandora when it comes out.

  3. Simon Donkers is right. Apple will not allow programs to work like Game Maker, with an application that acts as a runner for a file. It’s insecure and sluggish, two things Apple wants nothing to do with. At least it should be coming out on Mac someday.

  4. The Apple SDK licence forbids envoronments like Flash, Java and also Game Maker that allow developers to create software outside the control of Apple.
    See also the news some time ago that Java announced a JVM but later retracted that statement after it read the licence agreement.

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